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Dr. Oz Approved

Dr. Oz Approved


Dr. Oz

When you get your hands on the April edition of "The Good Life" quickly turn to page 59 and you'll see your favorite brand front and center! Not one, but two frames are being highlighted in this article, which matches face shapes with frame shapes.

The first frame displayed is our eccentric and bold Pastiche frame. This monochromatic frame isn't for the faint of heart; available in the black or the blue tone, you'll sure make heads turn and compliments soar with these in your possession! Book It, the second Peepers feature. You may already recognize from The O List in the February issue of O, The Oprah Magazine. it's no surprise that with fans such as Oprah and Dr. Oz Book It has quickly become a beloved frame heading into the spring and summer. This modern round frame is available in two magnificent styles, each demanding attention in their own colorful way.

Looks like great minds thing alike! Peepers also has a Style Guide of our own. it not only helps you pick the best frame for your face shape, but your skin tone too. Once you decide what shape you fall under, you can shop our collection of glasses specifically made for you and your best feature- your face! Or, if you struggle more with what color or tone, try using the skin tone section. Here, you can quickly figure out the color palettes that will enhance you're already beautiful skin. With such wide selections and shapes, you can't go wrong!

Style Guide