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Eco-education 101

Our Eco-Friendly collection is made with sustainable and/or recycled materials. By using sustainable materials (e.g., Castor bean oil and bamboo) Peepers endeavors to protect our natural environment while delivering high quality style.

focusWe are extremely focused on providing high quality products while keeping our environment as clean and healthy as possible. For this reason, we released a line properly named "Focus". The Peepers’ Focus Collection is a carbon neutral, eco-based line made from naturally sourced castor-bean oil. Focus frames are hypoallergenic, ultra-lightweight and feature anti-glare protection; ideal for computer use.

Other styles in our eco-friendly collection include Bravo Bamboo, Visionary, and Timber; these frames are made with 100% Bamboo temples and are the epitome of eco-chic.

Now you can shop with confidence knowing that our eco-friendly frames were made for you AND the environment in mind.