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2021 International Women's Day at Peepers

2021 International Women's Day at Peepers

Order Entry Specialist
Favorite Style: Center Stage in Red
"When I wear my Center Stage in red, I get tons of compliments wherever I go. It makes me feel trendy, smart, and fearless!"

Distribution Receiving Lead
Favorite Style: To the Max in Pink Quartz

These are one of my favorites because of the color and size of the frame and not to mention they help filter out the blue light. 😊

Executive Assistant to the CEO
Favorite Style: Vintage Vibes in Pink
"Vintage Vibes are my go-to blue light filtering glasses. I love the pop of color mixed with the more traditional tortoise temples. It's a lot of fun wearing them, especially on days when both my daughter & I are working/schooling from home, because we match! She wears her Simply Kids glasses, and the blend of colors between the two of us is very cheerful."

Fulfillment Specialist
Favorite Style: Shine On in Black
I love our Black Shine On sunglasses because they make me feel fun, sexy, and mysterious like Audrey Hepburn!

Director of Product Development & Sourcing
Favorite Style: Bengal in Tortoise
 Bengal tortoise
"The Bengal is one of my favorites because it complements both my face shape and skin tone... all while protecting my eyes!"

Fulfillment Specialist
Favorite Style: Hans in Black
I love my Hans glasses in black because they are so comfortable and also make me feel confident. I've had so many compliments on it since I've tried it on! It's got a blue light filtering and OH EM literally doesn't hurt my eyes at all while looking at my phone with bright light in the dark! It's a LIFESAVER!! ❤️

Order Entry Specialist | National Accounts
Favorite Style: Simply in Red
"I love that they are a simple, classic shape with a pretty shade of red. They make me feel a little more confident and stylish while wearing them."