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Sunglasses 101 - Tints

This may come as a surprise, but sunglasses have many tints to fit your lifestyle. Whether you enjoy outdoor activities, or simply reading a book by the poolside, we have six different tints that are sure to cater to your sunglasses needs.

From amber tints to mirrored lenses, we will cover the basics of sunglasses and how each tint can be a necessity in your life. Once you’ve looked through all tint options, hop on over to Peepers to pick out the perfect pair for you!

Sunglass Tints

Tint #1 – Amber

Rodeo Drive Sunglasses

The brownish-red tint of the amber lenses enhances contrast, allowing you to make out shapes more clearly because it blocks out the color spectrum’s hazy end. This provides the wearer with a brighter view on cloudy or foggy days. This tint is perfect for driving. Frame shown: Rodeo Drive

Tint #2 – Brown

Vintage Reading Sunglasses

A brown tint option enhances the light quality of your surroundings, while giving you added depth perception in low light surroundings.

Frame shown: Vintage

Tint #3 – Green

CHiPs Designer Sunglasses

A green hued lens which offers the least amount of color distortion. This tint is ideal for all purpose use and clear days.

Frame shown: CHiPs

Tint #4 – Mirrored


Crossroads Designer Sunglasses

Mirror lenses can be identified by the reflective coating on the surface of the lens. Mirrored tints are best known for reducing glare without losing contrast definition and for their stylish appearance!

Frame shown: Crossroads


Tint #5 – Gradient


Regatta Bifocal Sunglasses

Gradient lenses are tinted from the top down. They are darkest at the top of the lens and gradually become lighter as you look down. The variety in tints protects your eyes from the sun, while allowing great visibility while driving.

Frame shown: Regatta Bifocal

Tint # 6 – Smoke


Let's Cruise Sunglasses

Smoke lenses are a dark tinted color perfect for daytime wear. The smoked lens decreases sunlight without distorting colors.

Frame shown: Let’s Cruise


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