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Who doesn't love countdowns??

Check out our 'David Letterman inspired'

"Top 10 Glasses Wearers of All-Time"


10. Sarah Palin

The former governor of Alaska and John McCain's 2008 Presidential running

mate caused quite a stir with her rimless glasses

9. Colonel Sanders

KFC founder. Food icon. And reason for needing larger pants.

This friendly face stares back at us as we enjoy greasy buckets of chicken and bowls

full of mashed potatoes. Making this thick frame a statement piece!

8. Dame Edna

Glitz and sparkle, Dame Edna shows that there is no such thing as too many rhinestones

7. Malcolm X
Courageous, human rights activist.His classic frames and demanding look will never go out of style. 

6. Buddy Holly

Pioneer of Rock N Roll, he was never without his heavy frames. 

5. Andy Warhol
Pop Art Genius sporting these round and clear frames.

4. Harry Potter

Harry cast his spell on all of us in his Round Silver frames. Get this magical look today!

Have I mentioned before that I love him...?

3. Elton John
Do his glasses ever come off??

Who cares?!? We love em'

2. Jacqueline Kennedy-Onassis
GLA-MA-ROUS!! very favorite glasses wearer of all time is:

1. Harry Caray
Long time Cubs announcer who was recently inducted into the Broadcaster's Hall of Fame.You could spot him miles away in his over-sized black readers! 

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