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Peepers Holiday Gift Guide 2015

Tis the season of giving! Of course we would love all of your favorite people to receive Peepers for their holiday present, but we understand some people do enjoy a variety of gifts. We’ve put together our Top Ten gifts for the season, all under $100.00! What a deal. 

Tartan Flannel Pajama Set

 Jcrew Flannel One of the best things about the chilly winter season is the cozy clothing we get to wear day and night! If you’re looking for the ideal gift for someone who enjoys snuggling up with a good book, try Jcrews Tartan Flannel Pajama Set ($95.00) Cozy doesn’t begin to cover this wonderful set! Available in the ever classy red/green plaid, you’ll probably be putting this PJ set on your own list!

To top off this cozy look, why not snag a pair of our Last Word frame – Available in three colors, one of with is the truest of  holiday reds you will find! 


Lemon After-Shave Balm

For the shave savvy man in your life, The Art of Shaving has a few wondrous products, but my favorite to gift is their Lemon After-shave Balm. The lemony freshness of the scent itself is enough to buy him one if not a few! Plus, its perfect for the cold dry winters offering moisture and protection.

Pair this with this our turn of the century Barker Mansion readers to really give your dapper gent a complete look!


Selfie Stick

 Selfie StickEveryone knows a teenager – your niece, cousin, or possibly your own children are at that age. Shopping for them can be extremely exhausting, testing, and downright awful. This social-crazed generation would love any gifts that make their life more about, well, them. That’s where the Selfie Stick comes into play! Your teen will be ecstatic on Christmas day! Snapping selfies of their smiling face with their gifts, the tree, or if you’re lucky enough – you!

Make their selfie stand out in one of our colorful Rainbow Bright frames – available in ‘no correction’ these clear lens frames will be your teens go-to accessory for their snap happy cell phone poses! 

Embellished Books at Barns & Noble

Bookworms will be grateful to have you shopping for their paperback favorites! Yes, people can read any book they want with a click of a button these days, but for a select few, the turning of a page and the feel of the binding in their hand makes them feel ‘one’ with their cherish characters. Why not spoil your friend by getting one of their beloved books-reimagined? Barns & Noble has a wide assortment of great reads, including a good amount with this new decorative look.

Be sure they can read each line with style and comfort by adding a pair of Peepers to this gift! I’d recommend our best-selling Aficionado reader.


Herringbone Vest 

 Old Navy VestFashionista friends are the trickiest friends to buy for. How do you find a fashion forward gift without the trend setting price? Why, by reading this article of course! Herringbone vests are hot right now– many high end stores carry them – along with their high end prices. Lucky for you we have found the ideal vest for your stylish gift idea. Old Navy has just the vest you need! Give the gift of style and comfort all for the low, low price of $35! Click here to get one for you, your sister, and your best friend! 


Recipe Book

Recipe BookI have fond memories of cooking with my grandmother in her kitchen; patiently waiting to be told when to stir or when to stop. Trying to collect all the wonderful meals I’ve enjoyed with her has been a challenge, which is why I’m thrilled to share with you this wonderful find! Suck UK featured has made a delightful family cookbook filled with “ready to go” pages for you to fill with grandma’s recipes or your very own! This will be a treasured keepsake that you’ll find pure joy every time to open it.

Cooking is an art, give them the spectacles to see each measurement. These Brain Trust readers come in a wide assortment of colors and the shape couldn’t be more trendy! 

Popcorn Machine

Popcorn MachineI have a sister who has two little ones and a hard working husband. She always tells me they have more than enough toys and clothes. Well what does that leave for a gift giving? This calls for a group gift. Example? I love the idea of this Popcorn machine as a family gift! There is something about being able to watch each kernel POP that sends little ones into fits of laughter. And with Target pricing you could pair it with a movie and be the favorite (insert family title here) of the season! 

 Don’t allow the family moments missed! Send a few Peepers to these overwhelmed parents – complete with a hard case for protection from little hands. Our Jaunt readers are parent approved! 

Cold Roller Ball

Cold Roller The worst shopping experience I can remember is shopping for a fitness fanatic. With so many options and categories, where do you even begin? Each person has their own pace, style, and way of working out. What do they all have in come? Sore bodies. This Cold Roller Ball from will make any health nut jump for joy! (or, in this case, jumping jacks) Somehow this amazing little device is able to stay cold and cool until the moment you need to chill those aches and pains.

Keep your health obsessed friend FOCUSED on the finish line with a pair of our Focus frames! (See what I did there?) and while you’re at it, grab a Sport cord to keep those frames close by. 

Eco-Friendly Knife Set

Wooden Gift SetEco-friendly friends want to know they are helping our spaceship called “Earth” in every possible way. Earlywood Designs dubbed this little gift “The Trifecta” which includes three different products; the Flat sauté, the scraper, and the spreader. Particular about the color or type of material? No worries! You have the option to give it in three different kinds of wood. 


  Keep their carbon foot print clean with one of our eco-conscious frames; Bravo Bamboo. Their arms are made of bamboo with the front portion of the readers made of plastic, making these ideal for your tree hugging friend!

Travel Mug


MugJet-setters will adore this sleek 16 oz. Stainless Steel Mug.  This simple canister magically keeps ANY beverage hot OR cold due to their vacuum seal technology. Amazing, right?  But wait, there’s more! The mug not only features a safety lock for the spill prone traveler, but also was designed so you could simply drink straight from the canister itself. This would be the ultimate gift for a fast pace ‘on-the-go’ family member or friend. Found at Kohl’s for only $39.99 make sure you grab a few for yourself!


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