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30% Off Sitewide | 50% Off SALE Items | Free Shipping

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New year, new site!


Changes are afoot at Peepers reading glasses! The most exciting change is the obvious overhaul of our website. Going from to was a much needed change for our customers! A shiny new design and lay-out, we did our absolute best making sure every click on the screen flows and makes sense to each and every customer. On our home page, you’ll still see our signature “circle P” at the top and below that a great navigation bar to help you find exactly what you need.  At the top right-hand side, you will find, just like our old site, the create account, sign in store locator and your shopping cart feature with the newly added “wish list” feature!

There’s also the collections filter, which gives you a more personal shopping experience. Here, you will find our glasses sorted in different groups based on our ideas of different life styles our customers may enjoy! For example, if you are the jet setting type who lives in and out of your suit case, you make be interested in our “traveler Collection”.

Now, let’s discuss the products themselves! Our typical product page has also gotten quite an update. We have added high quality images for each of our products and an additional angle for your viewing pleasure. This crisp and clear imaging will allow you to see the reader in perfect clarity and a more true-to-frame shopping experience. 

 If you have some more free time and would like a good chuckle, scroll through some of the product descriptions; they are detailed, informative, and quite clever! (see image above, describing "After Hours" frame) And last but not least our added “share a photo” button to each product page - allowing you to share your favorite selfie of you sporting a pair of Peepers!



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