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Back to School Cool

Back to School Cool

Trix may be for kids, but back-to-school shopping isn’t just for the minors returning to classrooms come fall.  There are also plenty of college students who want to look their best on campus, as well as professionals that need to dress to impress if they want to start off on the right foot with students.

When it comes to choosing appropriate eyewear to complement your ensembles, you’re naturally concerned with style and versatility.  However, there are also practical concerns to consider, especially with so many technological devices in play in classrooms today.

Never fear – Peepers has you covered with chic, sophisticated, fun, and funky frames that also offer superior performance, including features meant to minimize the damage caused by UV rays and high-energy visible (HEV) blue light alike.  When you need the perfect eyewear to kick the school year off right, Peepers delivers with a marriage of fashion and function exemplified by the advanced Focus™ Eyewear collection.


Damage Control

You’ve long known that you had to contend with the harmful effects of the sun’s UV rays, which is why glasses that offer UV protection are so essential.  You’ll get exactly that from Focus™ Eyewear thanks to UV400 protection, along with a lot more.

The Focus™ Eyewear collection also features anti-reflective coating on the surface of lenses, paired with technology designed to filter more than 40% of HEV blue light in the 400-450 nanometer range emitted from your many digital devices.  You needn’t forego your Facebook time just because you look at monitors all day at school.


Zero Power Lenses

Just because you don’t need corrective lenses to focus on items near or far doesn’t mean you can’t gain the eye-health benefits offered by Focus™ Eyewear.  Our zero power lenses can be used by anyone who doesn’t need vision correction, providing the same UV and blue light protection offered by corrective lenses in the Focus™ Eyewear collection.

Whether you love the flirty Glitz and Glam frames, the sporty and masculine Starsky and Hutch lines, or the retro charm and sleek styling of Dynomite, you can find zero power lenses that match your style without impacting your vision.  You’ll minimize the harm from UV rays and blue light in the process.


Versatile Styles

If you’re worried about finding your perfect back-to-school style for fall and still getting the UV and blue light benefits of the Focus™ Eyewear collection, have no fear.  Focus™ Eyewear comes in dozens of styles and colors to suit every personality and fashion sense.

Maybe you’re drawn to the bold, classic styling of the Headliner in black or tortoise, which offers a timeless statement accessory perfect for commanding attention in any season.  Perhaps you prefer the bookish appeal of slender and lightweight Paramount glasses.  Or maybe you want to step up your style with flashy Foxy Mama frames that exemplify your bright and outgoing personality.

You’re sure to find your ideal style and a whole lot of benefits, to boot, when you choose from the many options available in the Focus™ Eyewear collection.