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Fall Color Guide 2018: Get Cozy with Easy Neutrals and Dusty Pastels


By and large, the fashion runways for fall and winter are running the gamut of colors from warm neutrals to subdued pastels, keeping your sweater-weather styles in that safe and cozy realm of reading books and sipping cocoa by the fireside.  Still, there are a few bright bursts of color popping up here and there to keep things interesting and light!


Whether you’re keen to bid an early adieu to 2018 and curl up with your favorite novel, or your irrepressible spirit demands that you meet the world head-on, there are so many ways to express your attitude through style.  Peepers is happy to lend an assist with spectacular spectacles that will see you through the holidays and into the new year.


Vintage Vibes

Like an old photograph, nostalgia comes alive with Vintage Vibes in picture-perfect and totally on-trend pastels.  These pretty Peepers come with frame fronts in pastel pink, blue, or green with subtle gray tortoise temples that keep your style soft and chic.


The gently squared vintage style hearkens back to days gone by… but you’ll enjoy plenty of modern appeal with our advanced Focus™ lenses which filter blue light from your electronic devices.  


Mellow Out

Keep it simple and low-key with our Mellow Out readers in latte-hued taupe or sage green.  The graceful, rounded curves of these glasses add easy-going appeal to any outfit, and jelly tone inner linings in slightly lighter hues convey a hint of the depth.


Foxy Mama

Standout in Foxy Mama frames designed to take your look to an 11 with glittery pizazz.

This retro cat-eye looks great on all faces in purple, black or taupe with a high-shine finish and a touch of standout stardust on the front.



One half of the famous crime-fighting duo, Hutch is the west coast chill to Starsky’s east coast tough.  If you’re keen to try on his suave persona this fall, Peepers has got your six with the Hutch frames in supa-cool clear or classy tortoise fronts with thick, bold, molded temples in black for contrast.  If you want to stand out in a way that says you’re not trying too hard, these frames bring the perfect blend of brash and nonchalant that will see you through fall, and indeed, the whole year.


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