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Happy Father's Day From Peepers


A toast to all the best dads out there! Once a year, we lift our glasses to celebrate the shoulders that bore our weight and showed us a new perspective when we were so small in this great big world, the deep laugh that echoed in every cavern to chase away our troubles, the wisdom that steadied our course to the brightest future we could imagine. Peepers would like to celebrate a moment of appreciation for the dads who guided us to our full potential. We probably don’t say it often enough: “Thank you, Dad. I love you!” Happy Fathers’ Day!


We at Peepers wanted to take a moment to give shout outs to our dads on their special day!


Natalie, Account Sales Specialist
One of my favorite memories with my dad was the annual summer trips to pay homage to the only football team worth mentioning. The Packers of course. We would leave at the crack of dawn for Green Bay. The purpose? Training camp! Kids would line up with bikes at the stadium in hopes to have one of the players pick their bike to ride to the practice field across the road – always treating you to an autograph and high five. If you ask my dad, he will tell you the greatest thing that’s happened to him has always been his children. Second to that? That we all love the Packers just as much as he does!







Nicole, Wholesale Experience Advisor
My dad is everything I hope my son grows up to be.  He is a great father, grandpa and as I grow older he has become one of my closest friends.  We are essentially the same person with the same sarcastic sense of humor.  I love you daddy-o!!




Kristen, Account Manager - Majors


My Dad has been, is, and always will be my biggest fan. Something that he may not know is that I will always be HIS biggest fan. He’s such an inspiration to me. A humble, hard-working, Christ – follower who loves others more than himself. Through all of the laughs, tears and teenage years – Teaching me how to walk with wooden clothespins, coming up with the best ideas for our Father/Daughter cakes and spending hours building shoe box dioramas for school projects - my Dad has never left my side. Happy Father’s Day, Dad - I love you most!





Megan, Office Coordinator
“To the world you are a dad, to our family you are the dog whisperer and so much more! Happy Father’s Day!”









Kelley, Director of Merchandising and Design
My dad was a teacher, in the classroom for 42 years, and also to my brother and I growing up.  He taught us things like how to play tennis, go fishing, and manage our finances.  The biggest thing he taught me is his motto ‘if it were easy, everyone would do it.’  I keep this in mind whenever I need an extra push, and it’s helped me my entire life. Thanks Dad for being my lifelong teacher!







Carly, Team Lead - Wholesale Experience 
If there’s one thing my father successfully taught me over the years it’s ‘Slow is Control’!  This first started with him teaching me how to drive, but I have since learned that I can actually apply this to almost anything I do.  Not every mountain can be climbed in one day!







Laura, Customer Experience Team Manager
One summer while I was home from college, I was dating a guy with a motorcycle and we decided to attend a local “cruise night” on the bikes.  I shared this with my parents and my Dad insisted that I be picked up from home.  Slightly annoyed that a 20 year old needed her father’s approval before a date, I begrudgingly agreed.  When the group pulled up outside of my parent’s home, my Dad walked me out and introduced himself to my date.  Much to my mortification, my dad then asked to see a motorcycle endorsement AND a helmet.  He then proceeded to put the helmet on his own head and told my date to take him for a ride!  Surprisingly, he took my dad on a ride around the block like a trooper and I was cleared to be a passenger. I was absolutely horrified at the time, but looking back now (and as a parent myself), I realize this was nothing more than a showcase of the most profound love a human being is capable of.  I love you so much, Dad!


Rachel, Inventory Control Manager

So much to love about my dad, but one of my favorite traits is his generous spirit.










Samantha, Customer Experience Advisor 
We took a lot of family vacations when I was younger, but the one that sticks out the most to me is when we spent two weeks in Colorado. We went hiking with my two uncles. It was a trip I will never forget, and the scenery was beautiful. My dad has always been there for me, and I cannot thank him enough for everything he has and still does.






Tori, Accounting Coordinator

Over the years, my dad always managed to teach me what’s right, and what’s wrong. Even when I thought I was right all along. He’s always stood by my side and he’s showed me how to be brave with the unfaltering love he provides. My dad is one of my best friends and I’d choose him time and time again!








Taylor, Customer Experience Returns Specialist

This picture of my Dad and I fits our relationship perfectly! My Dad has always been my main supporter and #1 fan! He always stepped up as the “Team Mom” for every volleyball team I was ever on and became a Dad to all my teammates! Now having him support me as a coach is that much more special! Happy Father’s Day, Dad!