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Gift Wrapping Peepers Style

Gift Wrapping Peepers Style

Shopping for all of your holiday gifts can be quite the task- but wrapping all of your gifts is an even bigger challenge! Wrapping perfectly shaped boxes makes life a little easier, but not every gift has the perfect wrapping capabilities. Let us take some of the holiday stress away by giving you a few wrapping ideas to make those gifts really special. Follow along on this blog post, and don't forget to download the Peepers Gift Tags!

While we know that Peepers are a great gift for the holidays, we know that they are not the easiest shaped item to wrap. Lucky for all of you Peepers gift givers, we have a solution.






Supplies needed: paper towel roll, scissors, tape, wrapping paper, ribbon



Take a paper towel roll, and cut it to the length of a pair of readers. Insert the Peepers into the roll and fold the ends on both sides. You now have the perfect gift package for your Peepers! Decorate the roll as you wish to make the gift truly special for everyone on your list. 

Not all of our Peepers are as difficult to wrap. Our Simply Collection comes in a pre-packaged box that is perfect for gifting. But we are not going to let you wrap this little box up without giving it some flair! We have two very fun and simple out of the box ideas to make these gifts pop. 













 Up Next- Snowflakes!

Supplies needed: Kraft paper, scissors, tape, white ink pad, pencil, ribbon

Wrap up your package like normal in the kraft paper. Dip the eraser end of your pencil into the ink pad and make several dots on the front of the package to look like snow.

Once your ink is dry, wrap it up in a ribbon and attach a Peepers Gift Tag!



















Next Up- Holiday Chalkboard!

Supplies needed: Black wrapping paper, scissors, tape, white paint pen, ribbon

Wrap up your package like normal in the black wrapping paper. Get your holiday thinking cap on and draw some holiday images onto the paper. This technique allows you to get very creative with your seasonal spirit. Once your paint pen is dry, wrap it up in ribbons (we like red) and attach a Peepers Gift Tag! 







While we of course encourage you to wrap up your Peepers using our fun techniques, they are great for all of your holiday wrapping!