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Happy National Sunglasses Day!

Happy National Sunglasses Day!

It's National Sunglasses Day and we're here to give you some info to help you protect your eyes. 

The sun's harmful rays can cause damage to our eyes if they are not shielded with UV protection. 

Given the harm that the sun's ultraviolet (UV) rays can do to our eyes, it is essential that we wear the proper eye protection while outside- regardless of the season or time of day. 

Sunglasses continue to be the most effective tool for preventing immediate and long-term UV damage. The right pair of glasses will block UVA and UVB light - as indicated by a sticker or label on the glasses verifying UV protection. 

Don't forget, ALL of Peepers sunglasses offer UV400 protection! Find your pair now.

 "Health Implications." National Sunglasses Day.