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Memorial Day Must-Haves for Fun in the Summer Sun

Memorial Day Must-Haves for Fun in the Summer Sun

For many families, Memorial Day weekend marks the start of the carefree summer season, with the arrival of warm weather and the school year coming to a close. The holiday, which falls on the last Monday in May annually, is intended to honor the men and women who bravely served our country and gave their lives during military service.

Families that have lost service members will no doubt find ways to honor them during this poignant holiday, with many venues hosting tributes and events at military cemeteries, memorials, and other associated locations. However, this long weekend is also a time for many families to shake off the sleepiness of winter and gather for some quality time.

How will you celebrate Memorial Day weekend? With fun in the sun to celebrate the end of the cold winter months? With a trip to the local cemetery to honor lost soldiers? Or both? Whatever you do, you’ll want to protect yourself with broad spectrum (UVA/UVB) sunblock and the perfect pair of Peepers.


Memorial Ceremonies

Many military cemeteries and war memorials hold ceremonies to honor soldiers lost in the course of military service and pay tribute to their sacrifice. This often includes visiting gravesites of loved ones and planting flags in remembrance.  Military members may give speeches, play music, and observe a moment of silence.

With a broad-brimmed hat and a pair of Big Sur sunglasses on, you can keep the sun off your face and read out tombstones and inscriptions as you tell loved ones about the bravery and valor of fallen soldiers.


Air Shows

Memorial Day airshows are intended as an exhilarating salute to pilots, often featuring planes and helicopters, coordinated piloting, and other midair spectacles to amaze and delight audiences of spectators on the ground. With your eyes aimed at the heavens, you’re going to need robust eyewear to ward off the sun’s harmful rays and see every barrel roll and loop-de-loop. Try on a pair of Ultraviolet aviators or oversized Del Mar sunnies to accomplish both goals.



Festivals and Parades

Honoring fallen soldiers can take many forms, and one is celebrations of their heroism. Many locales hold festivals, parades, and so on for residents to remember lost military members in a joyous community atmosphere. Slip into a sundress and a pair of perfectly coordinated Shine On frames to wave your flag at the passing floats and show admiration for lost service members.



Family Picnics or BBQs

Celebrating the lives of fallen soldiers with close family and friends is what Memorial Day weekend is all about, and even families who have not lost loved ones to military service can enjoy the time-honored tradition of hosting family picnics or BBQs on this holiday weekend. Just throw on your retro, Bayfront wayfarers and get your grill going while the kids run through sprinklers and enjoy the early summer sun. 


Trips to the Beach

A weekend trip to a nearby waterway could be just what the doctor ordered after a long and taxing winter. When summer temps beckon, head to the beach with your family, a few good reads, and your new pair of chic Endless Summer sunnies to help you keep an eye on kids or devour the latest Jennifer Weiner tear-jerker.