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Staying Home? Stock a Pair of Peepers in Every Room!

Staying Home? Stock a Pair of Peepers in Every Room!

Home has recently adopted new meanings for many of us. Our homes have become offices, schools, restaurants, dance floors, art studios, and sanctuaries in the chaos. As you spend extra time organizing your home to suit your changing needs, don’t forget to stock every room with Peepers!

Peepers Pebble Cove reading glasses sitting on a bedside table on top of 14,000 Things To Make You Happy book

Who wants to get out of a cozy bed to hunt for glasses? Nobody! Whether you’re the type to settle in and enjoy a good book before bed or you’re guilty of scrolling through your newsfeed on your phone before you set your alarm for the morning, be prepared by having readers within easy reach.

Peepers Grandview red reading glasses on a kitchen table next to open cookbook for guacamole recipe

While you’re waiting for the day you can meet up with your friends at your favorite restaurant again, now is a great time to brush up on your cooking skills and try new dishes! Keep a pair of Peepers handy next to your recipes so you aren’t squinting at the fine print.

Peepers Pacific Promenade reading glasses sitting in a basket with a book and TV remote in the living room

When it’s time to kick back and relax, you just want to unwind. Don’t hunt for your glasses like you do for the remote! Keep a pair (or more) by the couch, on the table, next to your favorite armchair—wherever you might be sitting.

Peepers Limelight Oprah's Favorite blue light reading glasses sitting on a notebook and open laptop in a home offices

Plug in and get right to work! If you don’t need reading magnification yet, investing in a pair of no correction blue light glasses will give your eyes extra protection by filtering more than 40% of high-energy visible (HEV) blue light in the 400-450 nanometer range, offering UV400 protection, and including a seven-layer anti-reflective coating to reduce glare from digital screens. Make sure your home office is equipped with all the necessary supplies, including your blue light glasses!

Peepers Shine On Oprah's Favorite in an arts and crafts room with a watercolor pallet and artwork

Whether you’re keeping the kids occupied, working on a new DIY project, or perfecting your own masterpiece, it’s hard to color inside the lines if you can’t see! Keeping readers on hand will ensure you don’t miss even the tiniest detail.