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Peepers for Teachers 2016!

Peepers for Teachers 2016!


Peepers for Teachers began in 2012 as a fun campaign to donate reading glasses to teachers.  After the success of the first year, we have continued to run the sweepstakes. The competition takes place on our social media and invites teachers to enter their schools to win free Peepers for all of the teachers at their school. Teachers are hard workers that brighten the minds of our youth each and every day. Giving away reading glasses to them is just a little thing we can do to let them know Peepers appreciates teachers!  This year we chose six schools to receive free Peepers. Our winners this year are listed below. These schools received a total donation of $3,000 worth of reading glasses.

2016 Winners

Vestavia Hills Elementary in East Vestavia Hills, AL
Holy Souls in Little Rock, AR
Pottsgrove Schools in Pottstown, PA
Lincoln Elementary School in Dayton, KY
Jackson School in El Dorado Hills, CA
And our bonus local winner!
Edgewood Elementary in Michigan City, IN

Congratulations to all of our winners, we are very excited to see you rocking your Peepers!

Teachers at Jackson School 


Teachers at Lincoln Elementary School


Teachers at Holy Souls School