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Free Shipping Over $42 (US Only)

Free Shipping Over $42 (US Only)
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Free Shipping Over $42 (US Only)

Peepers Sunglasses Kick Off Summer!

At Peepers, we’re committed to designing eyewear that offers superior performance with UV and blue light-minimizing features, as well as attractive and fashion-forward products that beg to be worn.  There’s more to our company that simply creating innovative products our customer love, though.  Peepers is part of a close-knit community, and we pride ourselves on giving back where it matters most: local schools.


The dedicated team at Peepers is in awe of teachers who give so much, and we want to do all we can to celebrate their determination, drive, and spirit.  As part of our Peepers for Teachers initiative, we decided to help hundreds of teachers in our community kick off the summer in style with a brand-new pair of stylish and protective shades.  We sent out the sunnies, not expecting any reply, but soon the responses rolled in, and it was overwhelming.  The teachers we reached loved their Peepers sunglasses!




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