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Punctuate the Holiday Season with Sparkle and Shine

Punctuate the Holiday Season with Sparkle and Shine


What can you do to up your game this holiday season?  Why not start by choosing dazzling eyewear that elevates the look of every ensemble, from your ugliest Christmas sweater to the trendy, velvet, burgundy sheath you’ve been waiting to wear all year?  If you want to add some sparkle and shine to your wardrobe just in time for the holidays, Peepers is happy to deliver with a slew of striking frames that are sure to catch the eye.


Get the Party Started with Glitz and Glam

Whether you’re knocking back cocktails and twisting the night away at your company’s holiday party or you’ve got a houseful of guests singing carols and sipping eggnog until the wee hours, you definitely want accessories that take your holiday wardrobe to the next level.  The best way to add festive sparkle and shine is with breathtaking Glitz and Glam frames that highlight your radiant smile and enhance every outfit.


Whether you choose classic black, trendy taupe, or spectacular pink, you’ll enjoy mesmerizing frames that appear to be sprinkled with stardust.  Guaranteed to grab attention, these glasses are sure to give you the guts to linger beneath the mistletoe and bat your lashes to beckon your holiday crush.


Catch Every Eye in the Room Like a Foxy Mama

If you pride yourself on a signature look that is très chic and super fierce, you can’t go wrong by adding Foxy Mama frames to your collection of functional accessories this holiday season.  These fun frames in black, taupe, or purple feature a high-glitter accent on the upper front portion and retro styling that makes them both an instant classic and a modern addition to even the most sophisticated and fashion-forward wardrobe.


If your goal is always to be the best-looking lady in the room, you definitely need accessories that stand out from the crowd and pair just as well with jeans and an oversized sweater as they do with your favorite LBD.  Foxy Mama frames are sure to turn heads and make your frenemies green with envy.


Let Your Spirit Shine On

The holidays aren’t just about living it up.  This is, after all, the season of giving, and you want your true spirit to shine through.  There’s no better way to amp yourself up for toy drives, charity functions, and other seasonal philanthropy than by throwing on a pair of Shine On glasses in traditional tortoise or glittery black, brown, taupe, green, or pink.


There’s a reason these bold frames have made Oprah’s Favorite Things list three years in a row – they’re perfect for lifting your spirits, boosting your confidence, and imbuing you with a can-do attitude that sees you through the stresses of the holiday season.  Even better, all of these sparkly stunners from Peepers are part of the Focus™ Eyewear collection, which means they’ll help to minimize more than 40% of high-energy visible (HEV) blue light in the 400-450 nanometer range emitted from your devices as you spend hours sharing digital holiday greetings with family and friends.