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Some people delight in discovering the perfect Syrah to pair with succulent leg of lamb or the best ice wine to sip with aged white cheddar.  What you might not know is that the wine you drink says a lot about your personal style.  In fact, it has been scientifically proven that the wine you prefer directly correlates to the eyewear that perfectly matches you style sensibilities.


Okay, we fibbed.  There’s no scientific evidence to back up this assertion, and yet, without looking into a crystal ball, the experts at Peepers are pretty sure we can accurately recommend the frame style best suited to those who favor certain varietals.  If you’re ready to tweak the nose of terroir and have a little fun with your eyewear selection, here are just a few clever pairings of wine glasses and eyeglasses to spice up your palate and your pate.


Cabernet Gets Juicy with Center Stage Berry

The dark, luscious, peppery appeal of cabernet speaks to the complexity of an old soul.  You may not be the Holly Go Lightly of your friend group, but you prize quality over quantity and you’re willing to go out of your way to experience the truly exceptional in life.

You need a pair of glasses that speaks to your depth and sophistication.  The bold, oversized Center Stage frame in luscious Berry is tempered by soft, rounded curves.  Like you and your favorite cabernet sauvignon, these frames are a juxtaposition of brashness and gentility.  In other words, they deliver the complex undertones that make you an exceptional dinner date.


Rosé All Day with Happy Hour that Never Ends

There’s no denying the light, bright, summery appeal of rosé, with its delicate floral, citrus, and melon notes, punctuated by crisp and refreshing greens like celery.  If pale pink rosé is your go-to for getting giggly, you’re the easy-breezy girl who keeps things light and fun, the perfect person to offer a pick-me-up when friends are down.

It’s no surprise, then, that you’d choose eyewear just as pleasant and airy.  The lightweight, translucent Happy Hour glasses in pretty watermelon Pink are the perfect complement to your fun-loving style.  The slender frames won’t overwhelm your natural charm, and the pop of pink is sure to enhance every sunny ensemble as you rosé the day away.



Merlot for the Collins Avenue Crowd

Smooth and easy-to-drink merlot pairs with just about any meal, and the people who drink it are equally at ease in any situation.  Your versatility and sophistication make you an instant classic, which means you are a perfect candidate for the timeless appeal of cat-eye Collins Avenue frames.

High-shine and lightweight, the Red polycarbonate frames are the perfect way to accentuate your lovely features, while temples and accents in gold add that hint of luxury to every look.  Just like Merlot, these glasses go with everything.



Lush Shiraz is the Perfect Finishing Touch

Full-bodied shiraz is a roller coaster ranging from dark fruits to peppery punches.  If this is your preferred varietal, there’s a good chance you’re equally adventurous, always ready to see what’s around the next corner.

You need eyewear that’s just as audacious as you are, and you’ll find it in Finishing Touch frames in bright, translucent, candy-apple Red.  Take in all the wonders of life with these peerless and provocative cat-eye frames.


Pinot Noir has a Soho Moment

Roses, cherries, and dark berries characterize the refined and elegant pinot noir, which is why this classic is so beloved by those with discerning tastes.  You like the finer things in life, including daring, cutting-edge fashion.

The Soho frames in translucent, scarlet Red with pearlescent black, white, and silver embellishment at the temples couldn’t be more perfect for your outsized but polished personality and cultured sensibilities.  You’ll be noticed just as much for your elegant style as your exquisite choice in wine.



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