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It is always exciting to learn about our customers and what they love most about Peepers! We love seeing our fans wearing their readers and loving them. Karmen was such an enjoyable and fun person to get to know. She is a new fan to Peepers, but immediately fell in love with them after purchasing her first pair in a boutique. Karmen now has 8 pairs of Peepers in her collection, and can't wait to get more styles! She loves crafting, but started to notice that it was getting difficult to read her knitting and crocheting patterns. Since discovering Peepers, she is now enjoying her crafting more than ever. Find out more about Karmen in her interview below!


How did you discover Peepers?

I discovered Peepers in a beautiful little shop in Petosky, Michigan recently when on vacation. It was there I purchased my first pair.   

What makes you love Peepers?

I was immediately drawn to all the beautiful colors and styles. The quality of these frames is excellent. They are very sturdy and the canvas pouches keep them protected.

Where do you use your Peepers the most? 

I use them mostly in my craft room, but I also use them a lot at work on the computer, or when using my phone.

What Peepers frame is your favorite and why?

That's like asking which is your favorite child... Ha. I love each of my 8 pairs but my first pair is my favorite. They are called Lighten Up, they have a fun color scheme red, yellow and teal. 


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  • Peepers are a godsend to crafters! I drop far fewer stitches when knitting and wearing the Peepers.

    — Pattie Cowan on

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