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Soft Matte


Eyewear is meant to make your life better – to sharpen your vision, boost your style, and give you the confidence to face the world and let your personality shine.  The last thing you want is heavy, rigid frames that pinch your nose and constrict the sides of your head.  Now you can say goodbye to the awkward frames of yesteryear and embrace the Peepers eyewear that wraps your visage in comfort and style.  With so many styles and colors to choose from in the Soft Matte Collection, you’re sure to find the stunners that suit you to a T.  Here are just a few gorgeous styles to whet your appetite.



Head in the Clouds

You don’t have to go high-concept to enjoy quality eyewear, but lofty aspirations never hurt, as evidenced by the heavenly Style Twenty-Two frames.  The semi-translucent, rectangular style features softly rounded edges and pastel hues of powdery pink, smoky blue, and tranquil turquoise.  The soft matte finish ensures these frames will complement your every ensemble and won’t overwhelm the natural beauty of your eyes, even as the gently molded temples hug your head in comfort.  With out-of-this-world luxury and styling, these glasses are sure to put you on cloud nine.



Walk on the Wild Side

If shy and retiring just isn’t your style, you’ll love the bold and flirty looks offered by Style Twenty-Three.  Classic, rounded frames take on a modern appeal thanks to distinctive styling, including a pronounced span between frames and temples, a rubber matte finish with silky, velvet appeal, and three sexy shades to choose from: deep red, warm tortoise, and marbled gray tort.  Style does not take a backseat to comfort with these saucy specs, which is saying a lot, since the supple construction will feel light as air around your face.


Bold and Beautiful

Nothing says confidence like shockingly bright shades, and you’ll get the empowering pop of color you prefer with Style Six.  Characterized by lightweight construction and a buttery-soft matte finish, the defining feature of these incredible frames is nonetheless the first thing you see – the eye-popping color in practically neon raspberry pink or vivid sapphire blue.  These shades are sure to elicit gasps of delight, until you put them on and release an “ahh” of comfort and pleasure.


Sunny and Bright

When you’re bound for the beach with a new summer read in hand, the last thing you want is to be blinded by light reflecting off the water.  Never fear – you can soak up the sun in comfort, safety, and style with the Oceans Away style in Reading Sunglasses, Polarized Sunglasses, or Bifocal Sunglasses.  Chunky frames come in fun hues of semi-translucent pink or turquoise, as well as subdued blue and tortoise for classic appeal that pairs with anything.  You’ll get all the comfort of the Soft Matte Collection with the bonus of UV 400 protection.


You needn’t sacrifice comfort for style when it comes to the eyewear that helps you to focus.  Set your sights on the Soft Matte Collection from Peepers to find the styles that accent your outfits and reveal your personality.