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Take a Peep at Our Fall 2021 Collection

Take a Peep at Our Fall 2021 Collection

Our Fall 2021 line-up draws on some of the key trends from 2021, including eco-friendly materials, creative color blocking, and timeless circles, while taking those trends to the next level. The result is a selection of modern, wear-anywhere glasses to compliment every style.

Peepers Fall 2021 Eco Styles Center Stage Eco, Prairie, and Harmony Laying On Surface

Eco-Friendly Materials

One of the biggest fashion trends for 2021 is the use of eco-friendly materials. We’ve developed glasses using a variety of eco-friendly materials, including recycled materials, wood, and wheat. Each of our eco-friendly peepers have stunning silhouettes and modern, fashion-forward vibes, so you can look good while doing good. 

Black Haired Woman Wearing Center Stage Eco

Center Stage Eco

We’ve given your favorite Center Stage frames an eco-friendly facelift with our Center Stage Eco peepers. Soft curves and a chunky, oversized frame make these glasses beautifully fashion-forward. They’re composed entirely of sustainably-sourced wheat, so you can feel good about your environmental impact while sporting gorgeously feminine glasses. 

Black Haired Woman Wearing Harmony


Using recycled materials, we’ve developed sturdy rectangular frames that you can feel confident wearing anywhere. Natural tortoise print brings an earthy feel to these sustainable peepers in a classic, timeless way. 

Prairie Laying On Surface


Let people know at a glance that you prioritize the environment when you choose our Prairie lenses. They were designed to resemble all-natural grasslands. Wheat-composite front and zebrawood temples give these peepers their uniquely naturalistic style, while a speckled finish ties the front and temples together in an all-modern way. 

Black Haired Man Wearing River


If you like a classic, understated look, you’ll love our River glasses. Zebrawood temples and a wheat-composite front ensure the natural look of these peepers is well-earned. We’ve used subtle shades of green and brown to bring the natural world to your daily ensemble, so you can effortlessly support a more sustainable life. 

Peepers Sunglass Style Sol Laying On Surface


If you’re looking for beautiful sunglasses that meld vibrant colors with an understated style, you want our Sol peepers. Made using sustainable materials, these peepers capture the season’s most on-trend colors and pair them with a gorgeous crystal finish. Brighten your day while protecting your eyes from harsh UV rays with these fashion-forward sunglasses. 

Peepers Style Hazel Laying on Surface

Creative Color Blocking

Retro color Blocking is back, but in a fresh, modern way. Explore thoughtful pairings of complementary and intriguing colors and designs. Color Blocked glasses allow you to enhance your style every day. Depending on the color block style you choose, you can use it to match multiple outfits in a capsule wardrobe or just to add a little whimsy to your daily life. 

Black Haired Woman Sitting Poolside Wearing Cape May

Cape May

These bold color block sunglasses were designed in California for a fashion-forward look. They take their name from America’s oldest seaside resort. Their luxe square silhouette brings this vintage color block style to the modern era. So, whether you’re kicking back at the beach or simply running errands around town, you’ll love the way these oversized sunglasses protect your eyes while giving off seaside-vacation vibes. 

Black Haired Woman Wearing Hazel


These subtly color blocked frames blend dark tortoise temples with a crystal-dipped front for a sleek, minimalist look with a cool vibe. Soft square frames add a feminine touch to these dark frames. Whether you’re looking to dress up in a power suit or dress down in a pair of jeans and a t-shirt, these alluring frames have got you covered. 

Peepers Style Willow Laying Flat On Surface


Elevate your style with elongated rectangular frames in bold, daring colors. We’ve mixed classic tortoise temples with fun green fronts, creating a bold twist on a classic color block that’s perfect for a modern look. 

Red Haired Woman Wearing Wren


These ultra-feminine frames take a classic color block and intersect it with a minimalist vibe. Ombre frames start dark at the top and fade into a gentle color, giving the appearance of a half-frame style while providing the support of full frames. You’ll love the way this classic cat-eye shape flatters any face shape, while the navy color pairs perfectly with any ensemble. 

Peepers Fall 2021 Style Vineyard Sitting on Surface

Timeless Curves

Round frames have been popular for years. We’ve taken inspiration from this classic style to develop timeless peepers that will look on-trend today but last for years to come. Flatter your features with beautiful, soft curves and a style that combines vintage style with modern flair. 

Black Haired Woman Wearing Vineyard


Timeless doesn’t have to mean boring. Inspired by some of the most romantic locations on earth, our Vineyard glasses bring bold, vibrant colors to an understated frame shape. Express your style in a fun way with bright, daring glasses in your favorite rounded style. 

Brunette Man Wearing Orion


If you prefer a subtle, minimalist look, you’ll love our Orion frames. This streamlined silhouette was built with no keyhole nose bridge, ensuring a clean look while maximizing your personal comfort. The classic rounded shape looks beautiful on most face shapes, and the beautifully understated color is proof that less really is more. 

Blonde Haired Woman Wearing Geo Daze

Geo Daze

If you’re looking for a pair of fun statement glasses, look no further than our Geo Daze frames. We’ve taken classic round frames and jazzed them up with a contemporary tortoise front and a bold, geometric design on the temples. Dare to be different with these fashion-forward peepers—you’re sure to turn heads every time you walk into the room. 

Set Trends With Our Fall Line-Up

Our Fall line-up is designed to compliment every ensemble. Command any room you walk into with versatile, of-the-moment peepers showing off the latest fashion trends. Contact us today to talk further about the best glasses to match your personal style.