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Trend Alert! Geos

Trend Alert! Geos

Some people find a style and stick with it for life, never venturing beyond their signature look.  Then there are those who constantly seek new ways to explore their interests, display their tastes, and reinvent themselves in wondrous ways.  Are you an adventure-seeker, looking for the awesome and unique in life?

Your style should reflect the many facets of your personality, and your eyewear plays a major role in how you present yourself to the world.  With the ever-evolving collection at Peepers, you can display both classic and trendy sensibilities with eye-catching eyewear.

One day, you might choose the fun-loving sparkle and shine of your Glitz and Glam glasses in spicy hot pink.  The next you may turn thoughtful and introspective with your Vintage Vibes in pastel blue and sophisticated gray tortoise.  Then there are going to be days when you wake up, full of energy and ready to tackle the complex items on your to-do list with structure, organization, and your eyes on the prize.

These are the days you’ll want to don your serious, get ‘er done glasses in bold, geometric styles.  The geo trend has popped up again and again in the fashion world, providing the opportunity to experiment with vivid, mesmerizing prints.  Lately it’s all over the active-wear industry.  When you’re raring to tackle the next big project on your list, you’ll want to throw on your geo Peepers and jump right in.

Punch it To the Max

When you’re feeling seriously focused, you need serious eyewear to up your game.  Bold and resolute To the Max frames let you outwardly reflect your intention to put the pedal to the metal and meet your goals.

The chunky, oversized, square front comes in navy or emerald, both of which pair perfectly with your fall wardrobe, and feature temples in classic tortoise to create an air of sophistication that onlookers can’t help but take seriously. You can also opt for allover tortoise if retro chic is your style inspo.





Get in on the Good Times

There’s more to the geo trend than the shape of your frames.  You’ll also find prints that add polish and pop with the sassy, yet scholarly Good Times glasses.  When your psyche is awhirl with innovation, these go-getter glasses will put you in the frame of mind to marshal your thoughts and take your ideas from concept to reality.

Fronts in vibrant blue and luscious berry put creativity front and center, while traditional tortoise brings nuance to the fore.  Then there are the temples in complementary hues laid down in a structured herringbone pattern that preps you to organize your thoughts and reach logical conclusions.  Accented with metallic delineation, this elegant pattern gets a dose of dazzle to truly match your modern aesthetic and cerebral vitality.





Safety First

When you’re in the zone, working hard to reach your goals, the last thing you need is to get derailed by eye strain or a headache.  The Peepers Focus™ Eyewear collection helps you to avoid these common issues thanks to smart design that filters more than 40% of high-energy visible (HEV) blue light in the 400-450 nanometer range, offers UV400 protection, and has a seven-layer anti-reflective coating to reduce glare from digital screens. With plenty of alluring frames, including trendy geos, you’re sure to find the perfect styles for those days when you’re driven to accomplish great things.