How Do You Know What Strength Reading Glasses You Need?

The best way to identify the reading glasses strength you need is to see an eye care professional like an optometrist. Your yearly vision exam is a great time to ask about the need for reading glasses. 

Keep in mind that even if you see an optometrist to receive a prescription for your reading glasses, you don’t have to buy the glasses through their office. Purchasing reading glasses through your eye doctor can be much more expensive than purchasing reading glasses elsewhere, and once you have your glasses prescription, it’s often unnecessary. 

 If you are not ready to see an eye doctor right now or you want to purchase reading glasses before your next visit with your optometrist or optician, you may want to try a simple at-home reading glasses strength test. 

What is the Reading Glasses Strength Test? 

The at-home reading glasses strength test involves a printable visual chart that you can use to test your own vision at home. This eye chart helps you determine what the smallest line of text is that you can read from a set distance. Based on the line you read, the test can estimate a prescription strength that may help you see.

For this test to work, you need to print the PDF on a quality printer at actual size (rather than “Fit to Page”). Then, hold the paper an arm’s length away from your face — approximately 12–15 inches away from your face.

Begin reading the test chart from top to bottom, stopping when you can read a line clearly. The prescription number associated with that line can guide your selection of reading glases. 

How Do You Understand Your Reading Glasses Prescription?

Your reading glasses prescription tells you the magnification you need for reading glasses in diopters.

Reading glasses at Peepers start at +1.00 magnification and generally go as high as +3.00 magnification, though we do offer select styles in +3.25 magnification and +3.50 magnification. Our site is even organized so that you can shop by strength