Women's Reading Sunglasses

Women's Reading Sunglasses

Express yourself with any color and shape.

Featured product: Napa

Want to spend some time out in the sun with your latest "cannot put it down" book? Not really wanting to sport the pair of sunglasses over your readers look? Okay, okay, we all know that it works but it definitely is not going to get you on the best dressed list at the local park. Introducing our Women's Reading Sunglasses Collection. These frames feature UV protected lenses and come as either a full reader or as a bifocal where the reading power is in the lower quadrant. This will allow you be able to read that latest book but also look out in the distance without having to remove your sunnies.  Aiming for that best dress list – here are some of our favorite reading sunglasses: Clark Kent, Boho, and Napa Bifocal.  Just don’t blame us when you cannot escape the paparazzi!

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