Peepers Style Guide

With so many styles and colors from which to chose, finding your perfect frames might feel like a challenge. But have no fear, the Peepers Style Guide is here! Use our handy guide to determine what styles suit you best according to face shape and skin tone. If you can't enjoy our style guide today and really just need to buy yourself a pair of Peepers this very minute, there are colors that work best no matter what group you're in! Order any frames in bright red, pale pink, eggplant or teal and you will be set! 

Quick Tips

As you shop for styles, here are some helpful tips to keep in mind:

  1. Look for frames shapes that contrast your face shape.
  2. The frame width should be close to your overall face width.
  3. The color of your reading glasses should complement your skin tone. To determine your skin tone simply look at your arm. If your veins appear blue,  you're a cool skin tone. If they're green, you're a warm skin tone.

Round Faces

A face that's round has a curved outline with the overall length and width that look just about equal.

Thin, narrow frames will help make round faces appear thinner. Rectangular shaped reading glasses look great and compliment the round facers out there.

Adorn $23.00

Aficionado $19.99

Square Faces

A face with a strong jaw line, broad forehead, and similar proportions in length and width, is usually described as a square face.

Look for frames with softer angles that are wider than they are long. Oval or round shaped lenses compliment square features and create a sophisticated look.

Oval Faces

An oval — or narrow — face is longer than it is wide.

A frame with some height will make the face appear beautifully balanced. Look for frames that cover a portion of the upper cheeks like larger square or round shapes. A wayfarer style looks great on everyone, but especially on you narrow folks.

Adorn $23.00

Aficionado $19.99

Triangular Faces

A  triangular face has a broad forehead and wide cheek bones that narrow to a small chin.

To balance your face, try frames that are wider at the top; for example cat-eye or an exaggerated wayfarer frame. Also keep in mind to stick to very light colors and materials. Another great option are rimless frame styles.

Adorn $23.00

Aficionado $19.99

Cool Skin Tones

If you have tried to wear browns or yellows, and failed miserably, then you are part of the "Cool" club. But don't Fret! Sunny days, and brighter, truer colors will make you look your absolute best. Cool-toned people can pull off white, ruby, sapphire and aquatic blues very well. Stay away from any sort of brown or autumn tones. If you have trouble, Simply think of summer day stroll through the farmers market. Citrus hues, and blue skies followed by tasty berries are the colors you should stick too. For neutrals, a sharp black frame will do the trick! For the energetic and bold 'Cool' crew members, try a bright white frame- you won't be disappointed!

Aficionado $19.99

Blue Lagoon $19.99

Book It! $23.00

Warm Skin Tones

You're the perfect fall day! Organic colors will be your best option when searching for shades to enhance your style. Imagine a walk in the park in early October; hues that decorate the trees, the warm sun sets on the crispy fall nights, and a warm cup of coffee in your hand. Warm yellow, burnt orange and dark earthy green are what you need to be shopping for. Need a more neutral option? Mocha and Caramel aren't just great flavors; these will compliment you nicely and quickly become your go-to basic option. And if you're brave enough, deep reds will do wonders to your look!

Neutral Skin Tones

The term 'neutral' tends to get a bad rep for being associated with other words like boring, lack luster, and lame. But not in this case! If you're considered a neutral skin tone, then you're a lucky duck! This means you can pull off any and all colors available. So paint the town red, green, orange, or anything you want; you've got the skin for all shades, hues, colors, and brightness. Even colors like black, brown, white, and tortoise look great on the 'neutrals'. So, go find a fun frame for everyday of the week and flaunt your neutral skin with confidence!

Aficionado $19.99

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Book It! $23.00