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My left and right eyes require different strengths.  Can you accommodate me? 

  •  Choose your frame (metal and rimless frames cannot be altered, unfortunately)
  •  Purchase one in each desired strength (our readers are fully assembled, so we do have to charge you for two complete pair).
  •  Our expert warehouse team will disassemble the two pair and create a custom frame, created to your desired strength specifications.
  • You will receive the extra frame and screws to be used if needed.


          For example:

  • You wear +1.25 in your L eye and +2.50 in your R. 
  • You choose item #814 Clark in golden tortoise. 
  • You then purchase two frames - one +1.25 and one +2.50 ($22 each)
  • With the customization fee of $15, your total will be $59.00 (orders over $42 qualify for free shipping!)