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Adjust to your new progressive lenses risk-free for 3 months.

Progressives will typically require a period of adjustment, because your eyes and brain need to adapt to your lenses’ different powers. Our 90-day return policy allows for plenty of time for you to get used to your Peepers.

Effortlessly see near and far-without ever switching glasses

Whether reading, working, or simply going about your day, Peepers Progressive Lenses allow your eyes to move seamlessly between the powers you need, without the "jump" that you might expect from other bifocal or trifocal lenses. Best of all, with Peepers' always-on-trend frames, you can rest assured you'll never have to choose between all-day comfort and the styles you love.

<p>Clearer zones for easy distance vision.</p>

Clearer zones for easy distance vision.

Unlike other progressive lenses, our lenses feature an extra wide clear view zone at the top of the lens-making distance vision ultra-comfortable

And the innovation doesn't stop there.

When we designed our progressive eyewear, we kept quality innovation and craftsmanship top of mind. Here are some more innovative features that you’ve come to expect with your Peepers.

  • Blue Light Focus™ Technology filters up to 63% high-energy visible blue light.¹
  • Polycarbonate Lenses are ultra-lightweight for all-day wear.
  • 7-Layer Anti-Reflective Coating reduces reflections (glare) on the surface of the lens for ultimate comfort.²
  • Oleophobic Hydrophobic Coating resists oils, smudges and repels water and moisture.
  • Demonstrated Effectiveness you can rest easy knowing you have consistent, effective protection thanks to Peepers product testing³