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Free Shipping Over $42 (US Only)

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Trend Alert: Back to Nature

Bravo Bamboo

With the winter blues melting away and the “Early Spring” prediction fresh from Punxsutawney Phil, everyone could use a little bit of nature. Invest in one of the big trends emerging for 2016; Mother Nature! Her natural colors, wood grains, and eco-friendly choices are popping up like daisies!

One way to embrace nature-infused style is with Bamboo. This material is resilient, bio degradable, and can be used in many ways. We have a few frames that have 100% bamboo arms-a perfect example of this good-looking trend.

To see more of examples of this fashion-forward trend, take a look at our “Back to Nature” collection. Here we have bamboo frames along with other frames that mimic the look of mother nature and all her wonders with organic color tones, and wood grain prints.


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