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Retailer Spotlight: Landis General Store

Retailer Spotlight: Landis General Store

                                                                                                                                 The Landis General Store has a new mission: to always surprise its customers with interesting, beautiful and hard-to-find treasures.This charming shop recently reinvented itself and, with a new motto for the customers "A General Store With a Twist", its certainly a welcomed change to a community favorite. With carefully curated selections of home decor, jewelry and upscale toiletries, not to mention their handmade and local artisans' goods, customers always leave with a few unexpected treats! Just one quick browse of their shelves, and you'll quickly realize that one-of-a-kind is their specialty. So having Peepers in their store was a perfect fit! Customers are falling in love with the frames.







 "I have this principle: when I read junk, you know, like junk mail or bills and stuff, I am using my crappy supermarket readers. But when I read a good book I want to do it in style. So these are just perfect for my Steinbeck!"- Landis Customer


Make The Landis General Store your first stop next time you're in the Larchmont Village neighborhood, a Los Angeles hidden gem for locals and tourists a-like. 

The Landis General Store is located at 142 North Larchmont Blvd Los Angeles, CA.