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Behind the Spring 2020 Design

Behind the Spring 2020 Design

Our Director of Merchandising and Design, Kelley Bruemmer, shares an in-depth look at the inspiration and design decisions that drive our one-of-a-kind collections each and every season.


Peepers trends, moods, and vibes for the Spring 2020 Collection


What was your inspiration for the Spring 2020 Collection?

This season embodies an artistic carefree spirit and draws inspiration from the offbeat style of the 1960’s. This season’s take blends diverse elements together for a creative feel, celebrating all artistic forms of self-expression, whether it’s creating music, cooking, connecting with nature, painting, or drawing.


A collage of models wearing Peepers blue light reading glasses from the Spring 2020 Collection


Why did you choose to include Focus™ technology in all new styles?

Everyone is exposed to blue light, whether it is from our phone or tablet screens, television, or sunlight. It’s our duty to offer our customers the latest technology, and by including our Focus™ technology, we are filtering out more than 40% of the high-energy visible (HEV) blue light in the 400-450 nanometer range while also providing UV400 sunlight protection. The beauty of our technology is that it doesn’t change the color of the lens, and it delivers the same superior Peepers quality.


Collage of Peepers models and product imagery from the Spring 2020 Collection


What are some of the new trends?

Art and nature are big trends this season. To celebrate the art component, we created hand-drawn painterly abstract prints. We took cues from nature as well with terrazzo stone and marble-inspired prints. We also added fun design components like gold metal hardware and smooth matte finishes.


Peepers Director of Merchandising and Design Kelley Bruemmer


We hope you enjoy this collection as much as we enjoyed creating it. May it inspire your artistic spirit and ignite your creative soul!