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Peepers’ Customer Testimonial: Trudy Swenson

​Peepers’ Customer Testimonial: Trudy Swenson

Do you believe in love at first sight? Pollsters love to ask Americans this question, and most polls show that over half of Americans believe in this fairy tale concept.
Writer and editor Trudy Swenson believes in love at first sight—well, at least when it comes to her reading glasses. After 30 years of wearing glasses, she stumbled across her first pair of Peepers in an eclectic store in her Roxbury, Connecticut neighborhood. “It was love at first sight,” she said. “They fit perfectly and filled my need for some style.”
Swenson found the Peepers website listed on the inside of the reading glasses, and a love affair was born. Now she wears them every day and recommends them to friends and family. She is currently working on a book (wearing Peepers all the while), but took time out to speak with us about what makes our readers so special.
Q: How are your Peepers glasses different from others you've used?
A: Peepers are comfortable and durable. I’ve used other readers (or, as we call them in my house, drugstore glasses) that are flimsy and, um, cheesy. Peepers are so much better!
Q: If you could name a pair of Peepers, what would you name them?
A: Jeez, I’ve named cars before and washing machines, and, I’ll admit it, a charcoal grill. I guess I could be convinced to name my favorite Peepers. A single name like Ernest or Virginia doesn’t seem to fit. Even though they are singular, glasses sound plural. I think I would go with something mysterious and French. How about “Lunettes?”
Q: Do you plan to order from Peepers again? What would you order?
A: I’m very attached to my Rainmakers, and I have three pairs. If they got lost or damaged, I would replace them right away. They are my style.
More on Trudy:
After 16 years as an editor specializing in leather-bound reprints of the classics, Swenson moved on to work for a hedge fund manager, an international lighting designer, and as a grant writer. She holds a master’s degree in writing and a bachelor’s degree in English.
A fervent lover of words and an ardent scribbler, she has kept journals most of her life to scrutinize and consider, observe and record. Her current work-in-progress, The Uses of Pretend, is drawn from those journals; specifically the years spent raising her two children as a single mom. Her youngest son, Trevor, was born with a rare disorder called Crouzon Syndrome, affecting both form and function. You can sample part of The Uses of Pretend and other writing on Swenson’s blog,


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