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Free Shipping Over $42 (US Only)

Free Shipping Over $42 (US Only)
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Peepers teams up with Leon & Lulu to support a great cause!

This past Sunday, October 9th, Peepers Reading Glasses teamed up with Clawson, MI based store, Leon & Lulu for an amazing fundraiser in support of The Detroit Free Press' "Gift of Reading". All proceeds from reading glasses sales, tips and raffles were donated, as well as 10% of overall sales from Leon and Lulu.   Click here to view the Press Release

Check out these photos from the event:

The store, by the way, is in an old roller rink!! (notice all the old skates hanging around) These talented young ladies skated around during the event delivering drinks! Thank you Leon & LuLu for getting us involved in such a fun and important event! Happy reading!




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