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A Shape for Every Face!

You are unique. Every line, every angle, every curve. When you “shop by silhouette,” you should take the natural shape of your face into account when considering the style that will showcase and complement your features. Here’s our quick guide to help you find your perfect look.



The length and width of your face are nearly equal, giving you a youthful softness. Contrasting the natural curve of your face with the angles of rectangular frames will be a flattering look. Thin, narrow frames are going to lengthen the look of your face and have a slimming effect.











You are the picture-perfect portrait. "A square face is all about the angular features, like your prominent jawline and a wider forehead," said stylist Ross McCallum in Allure. You’ll want to create a sophisticated look by softening those lines with oval or rounded frames, preferably narrow ones without much height.









Your face is longer than it is wide, so your best bet is to balance your features with a frame that has some height. Retro frames are universally flattering, but they look especially sharp on a narrow face, as do the cat-eyed options that sweep upward. You can handle thick styles and oversized frames.










Heart / Triangle

Sometimes this face shape is referred to as triangular. You have a broad forehead and wide cheek bones that taper down to a small chin. Balance is key for your frames. Try a style that’s wider at the bottom to reduce the perceived width at the top. All About Vision recommends thin, light-colored, and rimless glasses to give you a light, airy appearance.

These guidelines will help you find your ideal look, but in the end, it all depends on what makes you feel your best when you glance in the mirror.