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Largest image in Handy Accessories to Protect Your Favorite Peepers
If you have any questions about our website's accessibility, please contact us at, (219) 872-4413, or live chat
Handy Accessories to Protect Your Favorite Peepers

Handy Accessories to Protect Your Favorite Peepers

 If you wear blue light glasses or reading glasses, the right eyewear accessories will help you get the greatest value from your Peepers frames. The same goes for your sunglasses, which are often exposed to the elements. It’s possible to keep your favorite pairs of eyeglasses looking just as good as the first day you slipped them on your face. A few handy accessories will help protect your reading glasses and sunglasses from scratches and other accidents. 

Shop each item for yourself or use this list of eyeglass accessories as a gift guide. With stylish eyewear accessories made to perfectly match your reading glasses and blue light lenses, you’ll look chic and polished whether you’re at home or on the go. 

Cute Cords

How many times have you accidentally dropped your reading glasses when switching to sunglasses? Most of us have popped our eyewear into the drink holder of our car or warped the temples over time by wearing them on our head. If you want to keep your sunglasses or reading glasses in top form, try wearing an anti-slip  neck cord. A chic lanyard or a stylish eyeglass chain provides a convenient storage solution when you need to take off your eyeglasses. 

Our cords and eyeglass chains are both elegant and functional.  Choose from various traditional cords and beaded lanyards that conveniently clip on and attach at each earpiece or temple tip of your eyeglasses. Enjoy an on-trend look with the high-end flair of faux leather styling. If you prefer, we also have cords with glitter embellishment. Along with cat-eye glasses or lightweight pastel frames, these bestsellers will add a little girly glam to your wardrobe. 

Alternatively, you can opt for a simple anti-slip loop cord or eyeglass strap in a classic shade like brown or black. These best sellers go with everything, including timeless tortoise frames and colorful reading glasses. We always like the look of a fashionable beaded cord, so we make them in a slew of colors. Choose from a lanyard in naturally beautiful shades like amber and jade or make the most of on-trend fashion with beaded cord colors like rose or turquoise. You can’t go wrong with a beaded cord in black, which goes with every style of frame. 

Cute clip-on cords let you make a statement and can even act as a standalone accessory. When you want to remove your reading glasses, just thread a temple through the eyeglass strap loop to hang them. The rest of the time, your cord looks like a stylish necklace.

Quality Cases

If you’re not keen on wearing your reading glasses around your neck while you don a pair of sunnies, never fear! We have other options to explore, including hard or soft glasses cases in various colors. If you’re looking for an on-the-go eyeglass holder that fits purses or pockets, you can’t go wrong with canvas cases (regular or large) in pretty prints. Every pair of eyeglasses ordered directly from Peepers will come with a complimentary gray canvas eyeglass case, but we offer some more fun eyewear accessories as well.

Looking for something a bit more robust? Check out our oversize hard glasses case suitable for readers or sunglasses.  Anyone with limited storage will also appreciate the foldable triangle glasses case that stores flat when not in use. Don’t forget an acrylic tray for safe, at-home storage of up to six pairs of Peepers reading glasses and blue light eyeglasses.

Cleaning and Repair Kits

Cleaning your lenses on any available hem or hankie is a great way to end up with scratches and scuffs, no matter the lens type. These blemishes can mar your eyeglasses and impair your vision instead of improving it. Use our cleaning kits and repair kits for your reading glasses and blue light glasses. Our cleaning and repair bundles also work for sport sunglasses and polarized eyewear. 

Each kit comes complete with a soft  microfiber cleaning cloth and a lens cleaning solution. Use your microfiber cloth and lens cleaner to keep your lenses scratch-free. It also includes a handy screwdriver and extra screws to help fix your eyewear. Pick up a pack of three extra microfiber cleaning cloths in case you need to remove smudges.  

Keep Your Peepers Ready for Anything 

When you pick up these eyeglass accessories from Peepers, you’ll be ready to protect your reading glasses and sunglasses. Feel confident about your eyewear no matter where the day takes you. Safeguard your eyeglasses and sunglasses from scratches with a microfiber cleaning cloth and use a glasses case to keep your frames and lenses from breaking while you’re on the go. 

Affordable, stylish eyewear accessories make it simple to look amazing and wear your eyeglasses stress-free. Each of these best sellers in eyeglass accessories will match perfectly with your favorite Peepers frames. With the right lanyards and repair kits close by, you’ll create the eyewear experience that works best for you.