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If you have any questions about our website's accessibility, please contact us at, (219) 872-4413, or live chat
Do I Need Reading Glasses? Identifying the Signs

Do I Need Reading Glasses? Identifying the Signs

Aging of the eyes is a normal, natural process. As you get older, you may notice that your vision starts to change. Common vision changes for older adults include enhanced light sensitivity and difficulty with seeing things up close. Even people who are used to having excellent vision may begin to wonder, “Do I need reading glasses?”

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Asking this question is taking the first step in better protecting your eyes and enjoying more of your favorite activities. If you have never worn reading glasses before, there are a couple of telltale signs that you need to take a reading glasses test. Discover below the signs you need readers. You will also learn more about how reading glasses can benefit your vision.

Common Signs You Need Reading Glasses 

A condition known as presbyopia is associated with aging of the eyes. When presbyopia occurs, the shape of your eye lens changes. This makes it more difficult to focus on close objects than before. 

Presbyopia is often first reported in middle age. A slow and natural reduction in focus begins to become more noticeable as you read or scroll on your phone. Some of the most typical symptoms of presbyopia include: 

Squinting and Difficulty Reading Small Print 

During the aging process, your eye lens loses its flexibility. As it becomes more rigid, it constricts to help it focus on text and close objects. The hardening of the lens also makes it more difficult to focus light onto your retina. This is why you may squint or strain your eyes when you try to read small print.

Eye Strain and Headaches 

Constant straining and squinting can lead to eye fatigue and pain. These vision problems also contribute to headaches and migraines. If your eyes hurt or you are getting headaches after reading a book or using your smartphone, you may need reading glasses to support your vision. 

Holding Text at Arm’s Length 

Those who have presbyopia may find that they can read better when they hold their book or tablet at an arm’s distance. Focusing on an object at arm’s length makes the text clearer. If you notice that you are bringing your book or your electronics away from your face and eyes as you read, it could be time for some reading glasses. 

You may also notice that you get more tired from your computer work or that you need brighter light to read than you did in the past. Take note of the symptoms you experience as you focus on close objects and text. Understanding which signs you have can make it easier to talk to an eye doctor or help you to decide if you should shop for stylish reading glasses. 

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Top Benefits of Wearing Readers

Reading glasses are one of the safest and most convenient treatment options for correcting presbyopia. Once you find the right magnification power for your eyes, you will not have to strain or squint when you work on the computer or read a magazine. Having the right readers will also help to prevent eyestrain and headaches. You will also avoid unnecessary eye fatigue as a result of reading things up close. 

How to Take a Reading Glasses Test 

A reliable reading glasses test can help you to evaluate your vision in the comfort of your home. Our Peepers Vision Test is an easy, printable chart you can use to help you find the right strength of reading glasses for your needs. It is an example of the most common eye chart, which helps you find your eye power. Simply download the chart and print it from your device. 

For accurate results, be sure to print the chart at its actual size. Follow the vision test instructions to test your vision for reading glasses, making sure you evaluate yourself without any glasses on. With such easy steps, you will be browsing for a new, chic pair of glasses in no time. If you have any questions about changes in vision, be sure to talk to your eye doctor. 

Doing More with Reading Glasses 

Wearing reading glasses can help to reduce future vision problems and enhance your quality of life. With frames from Peepers, reading glasses are also more fun to wear than ever before. Shop modern, high-quality readers in a spectrum of versatile colors and styles. We have tons of wear-everywhere options in reading glasses for women, including luxe cat eye frames and stylish, lightweight square glasses. From flattering clear and gray frames to polished pink and tortoise shell designs, you can be sure that there is a lightweight and durable pair of readers for every woman. 

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The same style and function are also available in our reading glasses for men. Sleek frames in the most popular shapes and colors are sure to enhance any look. Discover the most popular round and rectangle styles. There are also plenty of half-frame and soft square frames available. Get men’s readers in classic colors like black and gray. You will also find must-have designs in colors like blue and yellow. 

Everyone deserves to look and feel great while they read or work. It is also important to be comfortable while enjoying your favorite books or digital activities. Our Peepers spectacles will help you to manage the symptoms of presbyopia and love what you do. With so many choices in classic and modern styles in eyewear, you will enjoy reading and working while feeling like the ultimate trendsetter.