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Enhance Your Peepers with All New Accessories

Enhance Your Peepers with All New Accessories

The Peepers team takes pride in providing the trending eyewear that ensures you always look your best. We consistently review our eyewear collections and create or update our frames to make sure you get the latest in color, shape, and materials. The same goes for our accessories. We periodically offer new and improved ways to protect and enhance your personal eyewear collection.


Spring 2019 is full of beachy vibes to help you kick back, get glowing, and come out of your chrysalis well before summer.  If the doldrums of winter have you feeling blue, turn up the heat on every ensemble with bold Center Stage Luxe frames in new colors, Soul Surfers featuring trendy geo patterns in sunset hues, Zuma in funky, ‘90s-inspired patterns, or Beachcomber frames featuring dreamy, under-the-sea appeal.


Just don’t forget, when you update your eyewear, add the accessories that will ensure your frames are protected against damage and loss.  If you want to keep your favorite pairs in rotation for years to come, here are a few accessories for spring you can’t do without.


Acrylic Display Tray 

What can you do to enhance organization and ensure that your frames don’t get bent and your lenses don’t get scratched?  All you need is our smart Acrylic Tray, designed to safely store six of your favorite pairs of Peepers.  At 15”L x 7.5”W x 2”H, you can store it in many drawers or shelves, and even stack multiple trays if you’re a true Peepers aficionado.  Clear acrylic styling makes it a cinch to find every piece of eyewear at a glance, and the tray is durable and easy to clean.


Glitter Cord

If you’re like most people, you take your glasses off and put them back on over and over throughout the day.  You probably also have plenty of times when you set them down, get distracted, and forget where you put them.  There’s no need to hit the panic button multiple times a day.


Consider getting yourself a gorgeous Glitter Cord in sassy silver, gold, or black.  When you take your glasses off, you’ll always find them in the same place – hanging around your neck and ready to be worn.  Even if you already have a chic Beaded Cord on hand, you can always add a little glitter to your favorite readers or sunnies.


Cleaning Kit

You want every pair of Peepers to look perfect when you put them on, and the best way to ensure a pristine pair is with our Cleaning Kit, consisting of lens cleaning solution, a cleaning cloth, a mini screwdriver, and a spare set of screws.  It’s everything you need to keep your Peepers in tip-top shape.