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Flower Power Boosts Your Personal Style

Flower Power Boosts Your Personal Style


You might think that eyewear is merely a functional tool.  While function is certainly important when it comes to the lenses designed to enhance your vision, you shouldn’t forget that the frames you choose also act as an accessory, one that can elevate your personal style and complement your every ensemble.  Peepers is dedicated to helping every customer express themselves through eyewear, and this means crafting a wide variety of styles to suit every personality and aesthetic sensibility.


Whether you like the powerful and authoritative air of chunky and bold Standing Ovation, you prefer the more demure and dreamy appeal of translucent Style Twenty-Two, you lean toward the lightweight, minimalist, wire-framed Hi-Fi, or you’re bringing sexy back with colorful, glitzy Foxy Mama frames, you’ll find the perfect pairing for your personal tastes, or you can switch it up from one day to the next, depending on your mood or your outfit.


If you’re looking to round out your roster of eyewear with something that’s a little bit old, a little bit new, and comes in red or blue, you’re sure to love the retro appeal and modern cool of flower power chic offered by the Gypsy Soul style.  Here are a few features that will help your style to bloom.


Warm and Cool Color Palettes

Whether you’re a spring, summer, autumn, or winter, you’ll find the striking hues to match your personal color palette with Gypsy Soul frames.  Choose between a dazzling emerald front paired with geo floral motif temples primarily in blue, or opt for the fiery tones of red and yellow floral temples with classic tortoise appeal around the eyes.


Whether you prefer cool or warm tones to match your hair, your skin, and your eyes (not to mention your wardrobe), you’ll find the color palette you prefer in one of the Gypsy Soul frames.  Better yet, you can add both to your collection to keep your options open.


Classic, Comfortable Design

These rectangular frames with softly rounded corners offer timeless appeal, but there’s a lot more to the construction than merely the aesthetics.  Class and comfort merge thanks to lightweight, polycarbonate frames and flexible spring hinges designed to stay snugly in place without unduly gripping your face.


High IQ

Form and construction merge to create beautiful, comfortable eyewear, but with Peepers there’s always more to our lenses than meets the eye.  You’re sure to enjoy the slim-profile, aspheric lenses, complete with dual anti-scratch coating.  Gypsy Soul also comes with UV360 solar protection to help ward off the harmful effects of the sun and keep your eyes healthy, inside or out.


Free-Spirited Style

The Gypsy Soul style from Peepers offers the perfect combination of a sensible, professional front with fun and funky temples, giving you the versatility and style that perfectly complement your personality.  You don’t have to choose between being all business or living it up in your free time.  Like these flowery frames, you can be both.  Try them out in your favorite color and come back for seconds when you see how much they elevate your style.