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Get Creative with NaNoWriMo and a New Pair of Peepers!

Get Creative with NaNoWriMo and a New Pair of Peepers!


Long gone are the days when we had to toil away on typewriters or work with a pen and paper to send correspondence or deliver the next great American novel. These days, writing of every kind is made a lot easier with digital innovations.

Unfortunately, there have been some unintended consequences associated with spending hours each day being exposed to the high-energy visible (HEV) blue light emitted in large doses from a glowing monitor. For writers, this can be a real pain – literally. November 1st marks the beginning of National Novel Writing Month, or NaNoWriMo, when the non-profit organization of the same name encourages writers to start a new novel and finish 50,000 words of their rough draft by the end of the month.


Women wearing Peepers blue light glasses and looking at a computer


When the event started in 1999, a total of 21 writers participated. As of 2017, the number of participants exceeded 300,000. There are no prizes, so to speak, but anyone who reaches the goal of 50,000 words is declared a winner, and with the better part of a novel completed, they are.

Whether you’re ready to join the NaNoWriMo community or you just spend a lot of time streaming Netflix on your tablet, you need to protect your eyes, and Peepers can help! Here are just a few fantastic frames featuring our Focus™ Blue Light lenses to filter more than 40% of high-energy visible (HEV) blue light in the 400-450 nanometer range, offer UV400 protection, and have a seven-layer anti-reflective coating to reduce glare from digital screens so you can safeguard your sight and easily step into the shoes of your preferred writer persona.


Peepers by PeeperSpecs Foxy Mama in purple and Glitz and Glam in pink blue light reading glasses

Hopeless Romantic

If your forte is bringing love to life on the page, we’ve got a few styles to get you in the mood. Foxy Mama readers in passionate purple, with subtle shimmer sprinkled along the brow line, or Glitz and Glam in pink or sultry black can add that “love at first sight” spark.


Peepers by PeeperSpecs Lore in black and Copenhagen in honey tortoise blue light reading glasses

Sword and Sandals Saga

High fantasy often calls for high word counts as you delve into immersive worlds full of fantastical beasts and fictional species. When you need to protect your eyes with an epic level of enchantment, reach for your whimsical Lore readers in red or black with folklore-inspired patterns on the temples, or pick up a pair of Copenhagen frames with warm honey tortoise fronts and rainbow patterns on temples to get your creative juices flowing.


Peepers by PeeperSpecs Clark in black blue light reading glasses

Heroes and Villains

Gritty, modern dramas are turning classic superhero stories on their head, and you can get in on the trend by creating a modern take on the Metropolis theme. Just throw on your incognito black Clark readers and tap your inner alter ego to knock out a novel that transports readers to a parallel universe.