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GMA: Wheels, Deals & Happy Tears!

GMA: Wheels, Deals & Happy Tears!


Good morning America’s Deals and Steals on Wheels kicked off at the Indianapolis Motorspeedway Wednesday May 2, 2018 and Peepers was honored to join other business owners on the racetrack to highlight Small Business Week.

 “What’s it like working with your dad every day?” Michael Strahan asked Lindsay Sammann, Peepers Creative Director.

“It’s amazing,” she answered. “We have a great time! We’re so grateful and lucky that we get to run the business with our parents. I’m going to try not to let you make me cry, Michael!” she exclaimed, adding, “We’re truly blessed.”






“Let me tell you about this company,” Tory Johnson said above the cheers. “They have been named one of the best places to work in Indiana. So, you guys not only take care of your customers, but your people, too.” But despite our best efforts, happy tears were shed on the track and in the office when Peepers was nominated for the small business superhero award and presented with a $10,000 check sponsored by Vistaprint.



We are a fourth-generation family-run company, and as shocked and humbled as we were to receive this prestigious honor, we are so excited to use the donation to benefit our community. The winnings, in addition to ten percent of the proceeds from GMA’s Deals and Steals on Wheels, will be used to push our new initiative Peepers for Teachers.







Our goal is to provide extra supplies and monetary donations to local Indiana schools to prepare the next generation for a bigger and brighter future. We’re thrilled to extend our open arms and family values to the rest of our wonderful community here in northwest Indiana.

A heartfelt thank you goes out to everyone who has supported, encouraged, and persevered with us. There’s excitement buzzing in the air here at Peepers, and we can’t wait to share it with you!