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Tortoise Takes The Gold

Tortoise Takes The Gold

The tortoise may be slow and steady, but his unwavering determination gets him to the finish line ahead of the arrogant hare.  With time flying by at a break-neck pace, it pays to slow down once in a while to reassess, reconfigure your plan, and move ahead with the confidence and preparation needed to succeed at your every endeavor.

When you’re barreling down the path toward your goals, it’s easy to let life pass you by.  Today, throw on your favorite pair of Peepers in trendsetting gray tortoise and see yourself in a new way.  The beauty of timeless tortoise is that it pairs with absolutely everything, especially when you add sophisticated gray to the mix.

Take a minute to visualize the best way to get where you want to go, then set off with the right foot forward.  You have the tools in your arsenal to see any challenge through with style, grace, and composure.  The right eyewear can only help to boost your confidence and keep you on track for success.

Boldly Take Center Stage

You are the master of your destiny, and while you’re not the type to scream for attention, you certainly want people to sit up and take notice when you enter a room.  Today is the day to throw on your Center Stage frames in gray tortoise and boldly declare that you’ve arrived and you’re ready for your close-up.

Chic and sophisticated don’t begin to describe these stunning glasses that are the perfect blend of masculine and feminine elements.  Like you, they defy definition, thanks to the juxtaposition of a thick, oversized frame with soft, rounded styling.

Whether you’re in the boardroom or running a PTA meeting, take command like a boss and be the hero of your own story.  When you’re on the go, simply switch to your Center Stage Sunglasses (with polarized, reader, or bifocal lenses) to maintain your can-do attitude all day.

Reflect on Vintage Vibes

When you’re overwhelmed with obligations and you feel like your schedule has spiraled out of control, it’s tempting to long for a return to more carefree days.  Snap out of it!  You can’t afford to regress into childhood, but you can step back, take a deep breath, and reflect on your current situation in order to correct course, refocus, and get back on track for more efficient and productive performance.

This is the time to pull out your snappy Vintage Vibes frames in dusty pink, blue, or green, paired with gray tortoise temples, and get downright introspective.  How did you get here?  Are you where you wanted to be?  What changes can you make to redirect and reach your goals?  Every once in a while, you need a mindful pause to reboot, clear the mental clutter, and return to your life with laser focus.

Earn a Standing Ovation

Iris Apfel.  Elton John. Tina Fey.  Bono.  The list of celebrities known for their bold eyewear game goes on and on.  Who’s to say you can’t join their ranks and become a luminary within your own sphere?  The day you’re ready to grab your destiny by the horns is the day you should choose your oversized, angular, dare-to-be-rare Standing Ovation glasses in tasteful gray tortoise.

With the right eyewear from Peepers in trendy and timeless gray tortoise, you’ll face each day with a plan of action, unmatched confidence, and the drive to live your best life and enjoy every minute.