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Happy Mother's Day From Peepers

Happy Mother's Day From Peepers

One day a year to thank Mom for a lifetime—to thank the rock that kept us on stable ground, the thumb that wiped away tears, the arms that held us in safety and love, the wings that let us fly and chase our dreams. Peepers would like to celebrate a moment of appreciation for the strong women who built us up. Every day, but especially this day, since we probably don’t say it often enough, we’d like to say, “Thank you” and “I love you.” Happy Mothers’ Day, Mom!

We at Peepers wanted to take a moment to give shout outs to our moms on their special day! 


Lindsay, Creative Director 

"In 1994 my mom was kind enough to be my travel buddy to Cancun, Mexico with 4 of my very best girlfriends and their mothers on our senior year spring break trip in high school. My mother, always the explorer and history buff, made me one deal before she took on this spring break mission and that was to see the ruins of Chichen Itza.  3 hours by bus (both there and back), was no small feat and needless to say I wasn’t real excited as my friends were sipping pina coladas on the beach. However, as usual, mom was right. We had the most amazing time exploring the ruins and the towns along the way and learned so much. It’s one of my most favorite memories and lessons from my mother – always keep an open mind and heart because sometimes the most wonderful memories are made off a beaten track."


Laura, Customer Experience Team Manager 

"My mom has been on an inspiring 5-year fitness journey and has accomplished so much…I am so proud of her!  This year she turns 56 and, for her birthday gift, my sister and I are going to spend the day trying to keep up with her on a 30-mile bike ride and finish the day off eating her favorite food – Indiana Beach Tacos!  Love you, Ma!"







Natalie, Account Sales Specialist

“My mom and I could not be more different. But through our differences we have a great relationship full of love & laughter. She's taught me important things in life, like to always bring a jacket, no matter how warm it is outside, and that all problems can be fixed with a well-made cup of hot tea! I love the person my mom is and now, as a soon-to-be mom myself, I’m grateful for the knowledge & love she can continue to pass on."





Kristen, Account Manager - Majors

"A mother is a person who seeing there are only four pieces of pie for five people, promptly announces she never did care for pie." — TENNEVA JORDAN











"Biology is the least of what makes someone a mother." — OPRAH WINFREY







Carly, Team Lead - Wholesale Experience

"My mother has a passion for the outdoors – I guess I got that from my mama!"









Tori, Accounting Coordinator

"My mom is one of the most caring, generous and hard-working people I know.

There is hardly ever a time that we aren’t laughing about something ridiculous when we’re together."








Kristy, Customer Experience Advisor



“My mama looked into me and saw something to believe in, long before I believed in myself”









Mark, Financial Analyst



"I have great memories with my Mom on the beach playing paddle ball, Rack-o, and finding beach glass.  Great memories and a great Mom."








Kelley, Director of Merchandising and Design 

"Growing up, my mom worked hard juggling being a full-time teacher with being a great mom, always making dinner every night and helping me with homework.  Now that she and my dad are both retired, the hard work is over and they are out there living their ‘best life!’  This is a pic of my mom doing just that on a recent vacation in California!







Samantha, Customer Experience Advisor

 "My mother has taught me valuable lessons over the years: to see the good in others, be nice to everyone that you meet and to be positive. She is my best friend and my biggest fan!"








Lauren, Director of Sales 



"The best thing about my mom is her wonderful sense of humor, we are always laughing with…or at…each other!"








Megan, Office Coordinator 



“Happy Mother’s Day to my amazing, loving, hilarious, and talented Mother -  I love you so much and I am thankful for everything that you do for our family!”