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Keep it Simple with Simply Peepers

Keep it Simple with Simply Peepers

Some days you pop up bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, ready to coordinate the perfect outfit, complete with complementary accessories.  Then there are days when you roll out of bed, fumble around for an outfit in the dark, and head to work with a coffee in hand and a muttered prayer that traffic won’t be terrible.


If you know how to put together a wardrobe, you’ll have the perfect pieces on hand to suit your needs, no matter which side of the bed you wake up on.  One accessory you can’t do without is a versatile pair of Simply Peepers.  This universally flattering style pairs well with any face shape and color palette, and whether you own one pair or eight, you’ll always look your best when you put on eyewear to accent your ensemble.


What makes Simply Peepers a great option for complementing your personal style or giving the perfect gift?  Here are a few of the desirable features you’ll enjoy when you pick up a pair of Simply Peepers.


Attractive Shape

There are days when you’re feeling exceedingly bold and self-confident, and nothing but your Shine On frames in sparkly pink will do.  Then there are days when you simply want the easiest route to tried-and-true accessory perfection, and this is when you’ll reach for your favorite Simply Peepers.


These rounded, squarish frames in the wayfarer style are the perfect complement to any face, whether you’re an oval or a sweetheart.  Pop them on and hit the road with a pair of specs that goes with any outfit, from your workout gear, to your grocery shopping getup, to high-end office attire.


Diverse Range of Colors

Peepers works hard to offer traditional and trendy colors and patterns to please every customer, and the Simply Peepers collection does not disappoint, with several new hues recently added to meet consumer demand.  In addition to the classic black, traditional tortoise, clear, and cerulean blue already on tap, you’re sure to love the addition of gray tortoise, soft turquoise, plummy purple, and cherry red.


The Perfect Gift

There are so many amazing pairs of Peepers to choose from that you’ll have no trouble finding your signature style with chunky Center Stage frames in trendy gray tortoise or crystal clear, or barely-there, wire-framed Hi-Fi glasses in electric blue.  What if you’re shopping for loved ones?  How can you pick the perfect pairs to highlight their unique style and personality?


If you’re worried about nailing down a spot-on look for someone else, you can’t go wrong with Simply Peepers.  The universally flattering shape and range of colors give you plenty of opportunities to please your intended recipient, and each pair comes complete with a special gray soft case for storage, all neatly packaged in a sleek, easy-to-wrap box.


A Pair for Every Day of the Week

Can’t choose from the many amazing colors of Simply Peepers?  No problem!  Get them in every color and pop them in a handy Acrylic Tray for quick grab.  You’ll have a pair for every day of the week, plus an extra for costume changes when your outfit and accessories have to transition from a day at work to drinks with your colleagues after hours.