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Make Your Eyes Pop with Peepers

Make Your Eyes Pop with Peepers

There are so many factors when deciding what style of glasses to choose, especially when it comes to color! Do you lean toward something neutral that will be professional and match almost any outfit in your closet? Or are you looking for something bold to make a fashion statement? Instead of focusing on your favorite sweater, have you considered selecting a frame based on your eye color?

Green Eyes

Although red is green’s complementary color, shades of purple really make green eyes stand out. Plum, lilac, pink, gold, brown, tortoise, or earthy tones are your best bet to make those green eyes shine. Try one of these frames with a smoky purple eye shadow or a mauve tie, and make your peeps green with envy!




Brown Eyes

Lucky you! Any color works well with brown eyes. Subtler neutral tones will match the brown, but if you really want to turn heads, try a bolder color like a pool blue or a shades of green. A deep red will also draw out amber tones.




Hazel Eyes

Hazel eyes tend to switch from brown to green or blue to green depending on what you wear. Earthy neutral frames in taupe and gold or green and blue will provide contrast and accentuate whichever color you’re trying to play up.




Gray Eyes

Although any color will work, it’s best to avoid a monochromatic look by selecting a brighter color. The good news? Just about any bright color will work with your eyes! This might be a case where you’d prefer to take your hair color into account. 




Blue Eyes

Orange is the complementary color of blue and will create a stunning contrast. If you would prefer something a bit more subtle, try grays, pinks and turquoise to highlight those baby blues.





What’s the best way to see which frame colors suit you? Try on several different pairs and check yourself out. Your glasses should enhance not only your eye color, but your personality! You wouldn’t own just one pair of shoes, so consider a nice stash of Peepers to keep you seeing in style. Whether you’re hitting the beach or the heading to the board room, we’ve got you covered.