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October is National Book Month | Get Reading with Peepers

October is National Book Month | Get Reading with Peepers

With the weather turning cold, October is the perfect time to stave off the chill of fall with a good read by the fire. Why is it so important to commemorate reading and literature, and how can you make the most of celebrating National Book Month?


Reading Expands Your Horizons

We don’t all have the option to travel the globe at our leisure. After all, we must work and pay bills. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t open the door to adventure, from the comfort of your own home, no less.

Whether you prefer to journey to distant lands with fictional characters like Robinson Crusoe, you’re interested in learning about the exploits of real people through nonfiction literature, or you want to push the boundaries of your imagination with fantasy or sci-fi novels, books allow you to explore new worlds, increase your knowledge, and expand your imagination.

This isn’t just for kids. While adults have a lot more demands on their time, it’s never too late to prioritize reading. This is exactly why the National Book Foundation launched National Book Month in 2003 to emphasize the importance of reading, writing, and literature.

During the month of October, readers are encouraged to start a new book, share an old book, and post on social media under #NationalBookMonth to let people know how they’re celebrating and get new recommendations from others. The National Book Awards also announces their list of finalists for the year in October, which could give you ideas about what to read next.


Peepers Eyewear Facilitates Reading

The wonderful thing about literature is that there’s something for everyone. Whether you love reading history texts, romance novels, or motorcycle repair guides, you can enter an unknown world and come out wiser and more thoughtful than before.

Of course, for many people, reading is impeded by poor eyesight. With Peepers’ wide range of readers, you can improve your vision in style and enjoy all the benefits literature has to offer. Extra features like our Focus™ Eyewear Collection, which filters more than 40% of high-energy visible (HEV) blue light in the 400-450 nanometer range and has a seven-layer anti-reflective coating to reduce glare from digital screens, will ensure that even no correction eyewear can still protect your eyes if you prefer the convenience of e-books in a digital library.