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Peepers 2020 Holiday Gift Guide

Peepers 2020 Holiday Gift Guide

After a tumultuous year, the winter holidays provide an opportunity for families to come together and remember what’s really important. This year, the holidays will look different in many homes, as families choose to socially distance or take other measures to stay safe. But one thing that hasn’t changed is the way that many people choose to show their affection during this time of year. Gift giving shows that you love and appreciate the people in your lives—a message we all need to hear this year. And nothing says “love and appreciation” as much as a practical gift that will help your loved ones enjoy the upcoming year to its fullest. 

With that in mind, we’ve developed this guide to the best holiday gifts Peepers has to offer this season. Each of these presents is the right size to make for a perfect stocking stuffer, but can also be individually wrapped for the holiday season. 


Peepers See The Beauty blue light glasses packaged in box

See The Beauty Holiday Release

Our See The Beauty line of blue light glasses showcases modern fashion trends, including tortoiseshell prints in a variety of daring colors and feminine, cat-shaped frames. Perfect for the hard-working business woman, the work-at-home freelancer, or the weekend gamer in your life, these chic, innovative glasses filter more than 40% of high-energy visible (HEV) blue light in the 400-450 nanometer range, offer UV400 protection, and have a seven-layer anti-reflective coating to reduce glare from digital screens.


Peepers accessory cleaning and care kit for glasses

Accessory Pouch

Whether the person you’re buying for already owns a pair of glasses they’re fond of or you’re looking for something to include with a new pair of blue light glasses, our accessory pouch is a great one-stop shop, providing everything needed to keep Peepers in perfect condition. This fashionable faux-leather pouch has a chic golden zipper and is the perfect size to pack into a carry-on bag for the frequent traveler in your life. The pouch includes a lens cleaning spray, a microfiber cleaning cloth, and a repair kit to ensure the gift recipient's most important accessory is cared for no matter where they go this holiday season. 


Peepers microfiber cleaning cloth kit

Seasonal Cleaning Cloth Kit

A perfect stocking stuffer for the Peepers-lover in your home, this seasonal cleaning cloth kit features three microfiber cleaning cloths in our bold seasonal print. The ideal companion gift for the trendsetter in your life who is sure to love owning cleaning clothes that are every bit as trendy and of-the-moment as their favorite pair of peepers. 


 Peepers cleaning kit for eyeglasses

Cleaning Kit

If you’re tired of watching your loved one struggle to wipe their glasses clean with the hem of a T-shirt or blouse, our cleaning kit is a must-have purchase this holiday season. The perfect companion to a new pair of readers or blue light glasses, our cleaning kit includes a bottle of lens cleaner, a microfiber cleaning cloth, a mini screwdriver, and a spare set of screws—everything they’ll need to help their Peepers lead their fullest life. 



Peepers acrylic tray to store reading glasses


Acrylic Tray

For the fashion-forward Peepers-lover in your home, this acrylic tray is the perfect place for them to lay out their eyeglasses collection. Each morning, they can see all their favorite peepers at a glance and determine the best glasses to accessorize their outfit. Never again will they have to open multiple glasses cases to find the most of-the-moment style. This practical gift will shorten their morning routine while still allowing them to look fabulously chic each and every day. 



Peepers pebble hexagon cords

Pebble Hexagon Cord

No one wants to look like their grandmother just to keep their glasses on hand. That’s why we’ve designed this fashion-forward pebble hexagon cord, which comes in a variety of colors and can easily be mistaken for a boho-chic necklace. Help your loved one elevate their wardrobe while keeping their readers at their fingertips with a holiday gift that’s as trendy as it is practical! 



Peepers faux leather cords for reading glasses

Faux Leather Cord

This comfortable cord is made of a durable faux-leather material that is sure to stand the test of time. Perfect for both men and women, this understated accessory will keep your loved one’s reading glasses at their fingertips without detracting from their personal sense of style. If you’re not sure of their taste in accessories or are looking for a wear-anywhere glasses cord that will pair with every outfit, you can’t go wrong with our faux leather cord



Peepers foldable collapsible triangle eyeglass case

Foldable Triangle Case

Whether they’re the sort of person to throw their reading glasses into their purse or pack them into their backpack, if your loved one is constantly on the go, they’ll love the durability of our foldable triangle case. This versatile case folds flat when not in use and pops into a triangle shape when containing your loved one’s peepers, allowing it to pack easily into small spaces for those busy travelers in your life. 


Women opening Peepers gift box

Get Your Peepers Gifts In Time for the Holidays

We know how important it is that your holiday go off just the way you envision. That’s why we’re dedicated to getting your Peepers in your hands as soon as possible. Order by December 21st using expedited shipping to ensure your purchase is at your door in time for Christmas. If you have any questions or concerns, our Peeps are always happy to help.

From all of us at Peepers to you and your families, happy holidays!