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Peepers Supports Phoebe's Reading Glass Project

Peepers Supports Phoebe's Reading Glass Project

Some days, it seems like you turn on the news and everything you see is bad, but as humans, we have the capacity to create the changes we want to see in the world, and even individual efforts can have an incredible impact. Case in point: 18-year-old Phoebe Nerone.

Along with her mother and sister, she started the non-profit Rock-Paper-Scissors Children’s Fund in 2012 to promote girls’ education in Vietnam, providing safe travel with bicycles as well as funding music and arts programs for children living in poverty. The goal of these after-school and summer programs is to promote confidence and self-esteem, encouraging a lifetime love of learning and increased opportunities for success. 

While working overseas, Phoebe noticed that many poor and elderly people had no access to healthcare or the opportunity to purchase reading glasses. She took it upon herself to help them by starting the Reading Glass Project to collect new or lightly used reading glasses, or purchase new pairs with cash donations, in order to transport them to needy citizens in Vietnam. 

Since launching her project in 2014, Phoebe has collected and distributed more than 1,000 pairs of glasses to grateful recipients overseas, with essential eyewear going to residents of small villages as well as women working in factories in Vietnam. She packs them in her suitcase and travels to Vietnam to distribute them personally. With an estimated half a billion people in emerging countries lacking access to reading glasses, Phoebe may make only a small dent, but her personal efforts have had a lasting impact on those she brings glasses to—people who might otherwise have had no hope of seeing clearly.

At Peepers, we think a project like Phoebe’s deserves recognition and support. This talented teen has gone out of her way to helped underserved communities regain the gift of sight. We decided to help her cause by donating glasses to Phoebe’s Reading Glass Project over the summer. 

We proudly provided some of our most popular pairs in a range of strengths so recipients had the best opportunity to find the perfect eyeglasses to fit their needs and personalities. Recipients chose styles like bold, oversized Standing Ovation frames in trendy tortoise; lightweight, rounded Hi-Fi readers in fun purple; retro, rectangular Last Word stunners in orange; softly squared Bronx beauties in dappled blue; and more. 

Anyone who would like to donate new or lightly used reading glasses to Phoebe’s Reading Glass Project or make a financial contribution that helps Phoebe to buy new reading glasses can find more information on the Rock-Paper-Scissors Children’s Fund website here. We at Peepers were pleased to help Phoebe and wish her the best of luck in her future endeavors. This bright star is sure to go far and make the world a better place along the way.