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Summer Press Featuring Popular Peepers

Summer Press Featuring Popular Peepers

There are so many incredible styles to choose from. Whether you like softly squared Highbrow frames in warm, honey tortoise; the round, vintage styling of Take Your Places in tortoise or clear; contemporary, oversized Grandview frames in bold red or classic black; or the chic, retro Clark style in brilliant blue or gray tortoise, you’re sure to find the your signature look for fall. Don’t know which style to choose? Consider a few of our most popular pairs featured in well-known publications over the summer.


Working moms are always looking for stylish deals to help them shine, and Working Mother magazine offers timely fashion advice. It’s no surprise that they chose to feature Peepers in their June/July 2019 issue. Protecting your eyes while playing in the sun is an absolute must! Which is why this trusted publication chose to feature Peepers’ stylish Mimosa cat-eye sunglasses in a pretty and polished pink. 

With UV400 level protection and options in no correction polarized, full reading, or bifocal sunglasses, these Peepers will help you look your best, enjoy perfect vision, and stop the sun’s harmful rays in one fell swoop. They’re a must for any mom on the go seeking stylish eyewear that works in all seasons.


Everyone can use valuable life hacks, and one of the best places to find them is through Real Simple magazine. Their July 2019 issue features Shine On sunnies in taupe, one of the trendiest hues of the summer and fall seasons. These chunky, oversized frames are an Oprah Favorite for a reason. Shine On features a hint of sparkle and a dollop of dazzle to frame your unique personality. Whether you opt for sassy shades or regular readers for everyday wear, you’ll enjoy UV400 level protection, and the readers and no-correction lenses both offer 7-layer anti-reflective coating as well as blue light protection.


The perfect pair of beach sunglasses will offer fashionable coverage and UV protection as you frolic in the surf or lounge poolside. Del Mar sunnies are the pair you’ve been seeking all summer, thanks to oversized, softly-squared styling in sleek black or sophisticated gray tortoise. Is it any wonder Oprah featured these frames in the July 2019 issue of The Oprah Magazine?