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Sunglass Readers: Your Guide to This Summer’s Most Fashion-Forward Accessory

Sunglass Readers: Your Guide to This Summer’s Most Fashion-Forward Accessory

Later on, you try to lay outside and read a good book, only to find yourself squinting to read and struggling with the bright light. Maybe this happens when you're trying to do yard work, or when you pull out your phone to read an important email during your lunchtime walk outdoors. 

If any of these scenarios sounds familiar, maybe it's time you reach for a fashion-forward pair of reader sunglasses. Sunglass readers protect your eyes from the sun while also making sure you can see things close-up. Shop eyewear for men, women, and even kids. 

Open your summer to possibilities with the purchase of a new pair of reading sunglasses. With chic sun readers in hand, you can bring indoor hobbies like knitting or reading to the great outdoors. As you shop for new readers, know that you can soak up the rays without sacrificing your vision or style. 

What are the benefits of Peepers reading sunglasses? 

Here at Peepers, we have a versatile collection of reading sunglasses available, from classic black-framed Palmetto sunglasses to beautifully modern Peepers in pastel shades. But our wear-everywhere aesthetic is just one of many reasons to choose Peepers sunglasses.


Durable + Strong

Spring hinges in the sunglasses frames allows our sunglasses to rest comfortably on your head. Our durable, polycarbonate lenses are coated with a dual anti-scratch coating to help your sunglasses live their best life. 

When you invest in a staple accessory like reading sunglasses, you want to know that the accessory is going to stand the test of time and travelwithout breaking the bank. When you buy from Peepers, it’s not a question. Our sunglasses are built to last. 

Designed To Optimize Your VisionFrom Every Angle!

Of course, the point of reading sunglasses is to help you see when you’re outside. We’ve got you covered! 

Our typical reading glasses come in a variety of strengths, with your chosen reading magnification in the entire tinted lens. This coverage throughout the entire lens in turn creates consistency throughout your entire field of vision. So whether you’re lounging at the beach or scrunched into a weird angle on a plane, Peepers’ reading sunglasses lets you read easily and comfortably. 

Peepers has oversize sunglasses styles available, which provide maximum eye protection over the largest surface area. 

If you prefer a bifocal style, we offer that, too. Hideaway bifocals are placed on the inside of the sunglasses lenses, making them practically invisible while offering you a choice between distance vision and close-up vision.

Protect Your Eyes For the Long-Haul

Peepers reading sunglasses have UV400+ protection. These sunglasses protect against nearly all harmful UV rays—over 99% of ultraviolet rays, to be more specific. UV400+ glasses offer both UVA and UVB sun protection. So, if you’re going to be outside for long stretches of time, these are the sunglasses to buy. 

The greatest UV protection for your eyes comes from oversized sunglasses styles. You’ll notice that most of Peepers’ sunglasses sport the fashion-forward oversized look. Not only does this turn all your Peepers sunglasses into cool statement glasses, but it also means that your eyes are as protected as possible from harmful UV rays. 

Flatter Every Shape and Fashion Style

Like with all of our glasses, our reading sunglasses are built with style in mind. Whether you prefer a classic style or a cool, bold vibe, we have what you need. 

Our sunglasses also come in a variety of tints, including amber, grey, or mirror finish. While many people prefer grey lenses because they keep colors looking as close to natural as possible, amber lenses are great for reducing glare and filtering blue light. Mirrored lenses, meanwhile, can help shield your eyes from the people around you—and offer up a measure of privacy.

How will my sunglasses fit?

There are a few ways to measure sunglasses. Many vendors rely solely on the frame size when selling sunglasses as either Small, Medium, or Large. But while frame sizes account for the width of your head from temple to temple, they don’t account for other factors that come into play when talking about how your glasses fit. These details are important to make sure not just that your glasses are comfortable, but also that your vision correction is effective.

Peepers Frame Measurement Diagram

At Peepers, we account for several different measurements, including:

  • Frame Width
  • Eye Size
  • Temple Length
  • Frame Height
  • Nose Bridge

Our handy measurement guide can walk you through each of these measurements in-depth. Taking a few moments to check the fit of your glasses can help you get the most from your reading prescription.

You can find a quick snapshot of glasses measurements on the inside of the glasses frame, where you’ll see three numbers side by side. This series of numbers, referred to as the optical fit, provides a snapshot of your glasses’ eye size, nose bridge, and temple length. 

If you already own glasses or sunglasses that seem to fit well, you can use the optical fit to help you decide on sizes for a new pair of glasses. If not, we can help you determine the right size glasses for your needs.

Either way, there is no need to settle for regular reading glasses when you can get the protection, durability, and style of sunglass readers. Call our team today to learn more about the best reading sunglasses for you! 

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