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Sunny Days Are Here Again!

Sunny Days Are Here Again!

Grab your beach towel and your favorite pair of Peepers shades because the sun is shining, the pool is open, and summer is finally here! We’re firing up sizzling looks this Memorial Day to kick off the season. Have you made your summer to-do list yet?

Make sure you have the right style for every sunny occasion. Polarized, zero-strength sunglasses give you superior protection from potentially dangerous glares off car hoods, roadways, and water. Reading sunglasses offer a uniform magnification throughout the entire lens, perfect for a good book under a shade tree. Our Hideaway™ Bifocals are magnified in the lower portion with no correction on the top, so you can easily glance up from reading the menu at your favorite outdoor café.

Now, let the summertime fun begin!


If poolside is more your style with a cold drink in your hand, Caliente is your perfect companion. These shades will bring the heat and will definitely turn a few heads while you’re soaking up rays.







Cue up the music and let the pool party begin!Are you ready for volleyball in the hot sand, sunset skies reflected on the water, and the peaceful lull of waves lapping at the shore while the rising tide fills sandcastle moats? Just don’t forget the sunscreen in your tote, and make sure to pack your Beach Vibes, too! Your eyes are just as susceptible to harmful UVA and UVB rays as your skin—you don’t want to forget your favorite pair of shades at home, and Beach Vibes were made for the beach!





For a quieter atmosphere, you can’t beat a picnic under a shade tree on a sunny day. Your basket is full of sandwiches, pasta salad, hummus, fresh strawberries, maybe even a bottle of wine. Make sure you remember to pack your Water Color shades, too! A sophisticated nostalgic style, perfect for laying in the grass and watching the lazy clouds drift across the sky.




Summer days mean summer cookouts. Burgers, hot dogs, brats, potato chips, and…mimosas? Sure! Mimosa’s cat-eyed shape will catch eyes. The muted colors will be the perfect retro accessory to any outfit while you host (or crash) the neighborhood bbq.

However you prefer to celebrate the season, raise your glass and enjoy the warm days ahead!