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The 411 on High-Energy Visible (HEV) Blue Light

The 411 on High-Energy Visible (HEV) Blue Light

At Peepers, we’re committed to providing exceptional products that not only deliver incredible style, but also do more to protect and enhance your vision. Form and function both receive our highest level of attention with every product we design.

This is why we’re proud to announce that all of the new styles in our latest collection, and all styles moving forward, will be part of our Focus™ Eyewear line featuring lenses that filter and minimize the effects of HEV blue light.


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What is HEV Blue Light?

The blue light portion of the electromagnetic spectrum ranges from 380-500 nanometers (nm). The 400-450nm range is known to be high-energy visible (HEV) light with a short wavelength. Many electronic devices, such as cell phones, computers, laptops, tablets, and TVs, emit light in this range, and modern users spend more and more time looking at these devices. Blue light isn't just a modern-day development; it also comes from the sun. But in today's digital and corporate world, it's all around us in higher levels than ever before from our illuminated screens and constant lighting sources like fluorescent and LED lights.


High-energy visible HEV blue light spectrum


Why is it Harmful?

The problem with blue light is the short wavelength and high energy associated with it. These factors result in light that flickers more than other portions of the electromagnetic spectrum, and extensive exposure to this effect puts a strain on our eyes.



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Peepers Focus™ Eyewear Lenses

While blue light cannot be eliminated, it can be minimized, and we can take steps to protect our eyes from HEV blue light. In an effort to deliver eyewear that meets both functional and aesthetic preferences, Peepers offers blue light filtering lenses in the Focus™ Eyewear line that filter 40% of HEV blue light between in the 400-450nm range. In addition, our Focus™ Eyewear lenses offer a seven-layer anti-reflective coating and UV400 sun protection, the same level of UVA/UVB protection you’ll enjoy with our sunglasses.